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Kúpelný ostrov, 92129 Piestany
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Expert opinion

Spa hotel “Pro Patria” provides a very high-quality spa treatment based on the use of therapeutic factors of the Piestany resort (hydrogen sulfide thermal mineral water and sulfur therapeutic mud) combined with strong physiotherapy. A wide range of health-improving procedures allows a good level of physical rehabilitation of clients with post-traumatic and postoperative conditions. “Pro Patria” is equipped with everything necessary for people with disabilities to be comfortable in the rooms and throughout the resort, as well as undergo medical procedures.


  • Transfer from Bratislava airport to hotel
  • convenient location on Kupelny Island, near the cultural center of Piestany
  • high-quality treatment base in combination with experienced medical staff
  • a wide range (over 60 types) of medical and health-improving procedures that allow treating rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • the spa hotel has all the conditions for people with disabilities
  • own thermal pool and mud thermal pool
  • in the spa hotel there is a balneological museum
  • the presence of a new category of rooms "Comfort", despite the fact that the resort has only 2**

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