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Kúpelný ostrov, 92129 Piestany

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"Thermia Palace" is the only spa hotel in Piestany resort that has a 5* category. I recommend it to people who want to live in comfortable conditions and to undergo quality, and most importantly, effective treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system using local natural factors - thermal water, which contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, and therapeutic mud, which, in addition to hydrogen sulfide, also contains so-called anaerobic bacteria. All the therapeutic procedures are performed in the clinic "Irma", with which it is connected by a warm covered passage. Its distinguishing feature is that it is built directly on the site where the thermal springs are located. There is a so-called mirror pool and mud pool "Bagnisko", the uniqueness of which is that it is divided into two parts so men and women can visit it separately. A plus of the hospital is the fact that the well-known doctor in Piestany Pavel Makovnik, who has many years of practice in the resort, works here. I also think that the advantage of the "Thermia Palace" is the presence of a swimming pool filled with thermal water. The quality of food in the restaurant of the spa hotel is good. All rooms are comfortable and equipped with a climate control system, electric kettles and a tea set.


  • Transfer from Bratislava airport to hotel
  • excellent location on a resort island near the center of Piestany
  • the most famous rehabilitation physician Pavel Makovnik, who has more than 30 years of treatment practice at the spa hotel, works at «Thermia Palace»
  • the presence in the spa hotel of the outdoor pool 10x10 meters
  • in June 2019, the reconstruction of the “Irma” wellness center was completed, which now has an outdoor pool of 255 square meters with two waterfalls and a sun terrace, indoor pool 18x5.5 m with 6 hydromassage beds and a waterfall, jacuzzi 4.85x5.5 m, Finnish, infrared and steam saunas, tepidarium, tropical showers, ice room
  • category 5* in itself is an advantage over other resort resorts

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