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Kúpelný ostrov, 92129 Piestany
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Expert opinion

Compared to other spa hotels of Piestany resort, «Thermia Palace» has the best combination of comfort level, service and quality of treatment. Ideal for demanding customers. Balneological center «Irma» has all the conditions for undergoing complex treatment of the musculoskeletal system. The quality of treatment is ensured by professional medical personnel with, for example, the well-known doctor Pavel Makovnik, over 30 years of experience in the spa.


  • Transfer from Bratislava airport to hotel
  • excellent location on a resort island near the center of Piestany
  • the most famous rehabilitation physician Pavel Makovnik, who has more than 30 years of treatment practice at the spa hotel, works at «Thermia Palace»
  • the presence in the spa hotel of the outdoor pool 10x10 meters
  • in June 2019, the reconstruction of the “Irma” wellness center was completed, which now has an outdoor pool of 255 square meters with two waterfalls and a sun terrace, indoor pool 18x5.5 m with 6 hydromassage beds and a waterfall, jacuzzi 4.85x5.5 m, Finnish, infrared and steam saunas, tepidarium, tropical showers, ice room
  • category 5* in itself is an advantage over other resort resorts

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