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nám. T. G. Masaryka 654/III , 290 01 Podebrady
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Lyudmila Dudareva 25.08.2019

I went to Podebrady for the first time. The city is beautiful, a lot of greenery, a beautiful promenade along which it is good to walk, the city is clean. She lived in the spa hotel Bellevue-Tlapak, which is located in the center. The rooms are clean, the are cleaned every day, the food is up to standard. Treatment takes place in the spa hotel Libensky, which is located nearby. I want to note the attentive attitude of doctors and nurses, who always went to meet my wishes. Good quality treatment. I think that the vacation went well. There is a desire to go next year.

Dombrowskaya Lyudmila 30.10.2017

My treatment in the spa hotel exceeded all expectations, and the stay at the Bellevue-Tlapak was very comfortable, despite its three stars. Great room, great view of the park part of the city, cleanliness, order, everything you need for hygiene. Responsive managers were attentive, giving advice. All procedures prescribed by Dr. Oak benefited. Thank him for his professionalism. After two weeks of taking the procedures, the hormonal background was restored, energy, working capacity appeared, joint pain subsided. After arriving from Podebrady, friends noted my refreshed look. As for Podebrady, this is small town of 15 thousand inhabitants made a wonderful impression: people in the Czech province are friendly and attentive. In the evenings, you could sit on the street terraces of cafes and tsucherens with a cup of coffee and cake, which are unusually tasty here.

- The only negative is the small assortment of dinner dishes at the hotel. In addition, I took half board, because for many years I eat little, but often. But after taking carbon baths, an unprecedented appetite appeared. Therefore, we still had to take a full board.

Lyudmila Frolova 26.12.2016

All stay in Podebrady exceeded expectations. Near Prague, Vienna. The town is so cozy, comfortable. People are good-natured, friendly. The treatment was at the highest level. Special thanks to Dr. ms.Tibos. The medical staff is wonderful, our appeals and requests have always been fulfilled. Spa hotel Bellevue-Tlapak surprised, the accommodation is comfortable, warm and clean. On Christmas Eve, beautifully prepared tastefully. Food contributed to a great mood, a wide variety. The staff is always kind at home. It is unfortunate that they said that the hotel is closing because we hope to return in a year. THANK!

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Expert opinion

The spa hotel “Bellevue-Tlapak”, in my opinion, is suitable for guests who prefer to live in good conditions with a good level of service. All rooms are well equipped, new furniture is installed. The quality of food and the assortment of dishes are at a good level, the menu is constantly updated. Since people with diseases of the cardiovascular system come to Podebrady, dietary nutrition plays an important role for them. If necessary, guests can prepare meals for certain types of diets, and they can also consult a nutritionist. The restaurant has a drinking pump room with “Podebradka” mineral water, guests can drink it, because it is saturated with minerals useful for the body, but I advise you to discuss this with the doctor, because the chemical elements that make up it can trigger an increase in blood pressure. This water is not recommended for hypertensive patients. The disadvantages of the spa hotel are the lack of their own medical department - for a consultation with a doctor and medical procedures, guests need to go to a neighboring building, which is not very convenient in the cold season, the absence of a climate control system and kettles in the rooms.


  • treatment using 100% natural mineral water "Podebradka"

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