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Nám. T.G.Masaryka 1437/III., 290 01 Podebrady


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Spa Hotel “Felicitas” I can recommend, first of all, to guests who need high-quality and effective treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system. The medical department provides patients with more than 30 types of procedures, including the main one - “carbonic bath”, which is based on mineral water “Podebradka”. A pump room with this water is installed in the lobby of the spa hotel, you can drink it, because it is saturated with minerals useful for the body. However, I advise you to discuss the possibility of taking it with a doctor, because the substances that make up its composition can cause an increase in blood pressure, it is not recommended for hypertensive patients. The quality of food and the choice of dishes in the restaurant of the spa hotel, in my opinion, is very good. If necessary, and after consulting a doctor, it is possible to prepare a dietary dish. Since people with diseases of the cardiovascular system come to Podebrady, dietary nutrition plays an important role. Among the shortcomings, I can note the lack of a climate control system and in the warm season the rooms on the upper floors can be quite hot, as well as the time restrictions on visiting the pool.


  • the presence of 100% natural mineral water “Podebradka” brought into the building of the spa hotel
  • private pool (13x6 meters)
  • comfortable wellness center

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