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Nám. T.G.M. 437/II, 290 33 Podebrady
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Vadim Shakhnov 09.08.2019

Excellent hotel location, friendliness and high qualification of staff, positive emotions from relaxation

Monotonous breakfast buffet.


Well rested! Quality treatment! All liked it! Thank you so much!

  • Podebrady
Expert opinion

I can recommend the spa hotel "Libensky" to guests who need high-quality and effective treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. In the building of the spa hotel there is a pump room with mineral water from the “Podebradka” spring for drinking course. Despite the fact that it contains minerals useful for the body, its chemical composition includes substances that can trigger an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, I advise you to discuss the possibility of using it with a doctor. This water is not recommended for hypertensive patients. It was also brought to the treatment department of the spa hotel for carbon dioxide baths. Since people with cardiovascular diseases come to Podebrady, diet food plays an important role in the course of their treatment, so they can go through a dietitian consultation, they can prepare diet meals in the restaurant. The disadvantage of the spa hotel is that when entering the spa hotel, guests will have to go up the steps.


  • “Podebradka” mineral water, used in the resort as the main natural factor for the treatment of heart diseases, has been brought to the treatment department
  • private swimming pool 4.5x8.5 meters for therapeutic exercises
  • the presence of a salt cave

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