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Husova 232/11, 29033 Podebrady


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Spa Hotel “Zamecek”, in my opinion, is suitable for guests who prefer to live in a relaxed atmosphere. The treatment base of the spa hotel has all the possibilities for treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The advantages of the spa hotel are the presence of mineral water for carrying out carbon dioxide baths brought into the spa hotel, as well as a pump room with this water installed in the spa hotel building. It can be used for certain diseases, but I recommend discussing this with your doctor, because the substances included in its chemical composition can trigger an increase in pressure. It is not recommended to drink in case of high blood pressure. The quality of food in the spa hotel is quite consistent with the 4 * category; if possible, guests are prepared with dietary dishes. Of the minuses, I can note that a narrow range of procedures is provided in the medical department, a doctor is admitted to the spa hotel “Libenski”, the distance to which is 700m, the nutritionist does not work in the spa hotel, there is no swimming pool, rooms are not equipped with climate control.


  • the location is close to the center of Podebrady, but at the same time in a quiet place, which contributes to a relaxing holiday
  • treatment based on 100% natural mineral water "Podebradka"

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