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Obala 33, 6320 Portoroz

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Galina Primak 13.03.2019

Absolutely first-class hotel. The breakfast buffet was excellent. We will definitely recommend this hotel and look forward to a follow-up visit soon.

Pawel Kongrat 05.03.2019

Excellent hotel quite a high level. Excellent breakfast, everyone will find something of this variety. Convenient to visit the spa. There is a balcony. In general, everything is very nice.

I'd like to extend the pool time to 22:00

Peter Mikhalik 14.02.2019

We've been staying at this hotel for two years now. Very much like everything, sea view, there is a place to go for a walk, shops, first line, excellent food, baths. The sea is clean, everything is fine. Special thanks to the website, this time we booked hotels through them, it turned out to be much more convenient, the guys all prompted us to help solve the arising issues throughout the rest period.

I didn't want to leave at all, we didn't find any disadvantages.

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  • indoor, warm passage to the spa centre “Terme & Wellness Palace”
  • the hotel restaurant serves a wide range of mediterranean and ayurvedic cuisine
  • there is a year-round indoor swimming pool with heated water
  • there is one room for people with disabilities

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