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Rimske Terme

Unlike the other resorts presented on our website, Rimske Terme is not a city or even a village, but a hotel complex of three hotels, sheltered from the eyes of other onlookers in the wilderness of Slovenia, in the village of Rimske Toplice. The complex includes "Sofijin Dvor", "Rimski Dvor" and "Zdraviliški Dvor" hotels, connected by a system of covered passages. The total area of the resort complex exceeds 30 000 m2. But first things first.

History of Rimske Terme

The city of Rimske Toplice is situated in a picturesque valley at the foot of the Strazník and Kopitník Ridges, which are 650 and 910 metres high respectively. The national park adjacent to Toplice is planted with ancient trees, among which there are many rare representatives of the flora, brought in different eras from distant overseas countries. Since the valley is surrounded on all sides by mountains and hills flooded with greenery, calmness and coolness reign in the city all year round, the air is filled with aromas of needles and freshness.

And now to the point. For the first time, mineral water springs, and with them the healing properties of these waters, were discovered 40 years before the beginning of our era. They brought gifts to the found natural pools, erected marble altars and worshiped them, thanks to the good nymphs and Valetudu, the powerful goddess of health, for sent life-giving springs. But these secrets did not spread beyond local settlements. Well, you can find detailed information about the chemical composition of thermal water and the indications for treatment at the Rimske Terme on the page Treatment.

The first documented references to Rimske springs date back to the end of the 15th century, and the town gained real popularity only after 1840 year. It was then that the wealthy merchant from Trieste, Gustav Adolf Ulrich, bought the land and became governor. The reason for such a profitable investment, as it turned out, is standard: Gustav accidentally ended up at the springs, drank water and took all illnesses away. Then he decided to make a royal gift to his wife Amalia. Popular cultural and artistic figures, major political figures and monarchs' families visited the Rimske Terme: Princess Victoria of Great Britain, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte, Franz Ferdinand (who is the Archduke of Austria, not a rock band), poet Vuk Karadzic. It so happened that for many years, up to the middle of the last century, the Rimske Terme remained an elite resort, accessible only to aristocrats and wealthy gentlemen. Today the number of rooms in hotels is also limited, but it is still much easier to relax there than it was a hundred years ago.

Rimske Toplice attractions

«Rimske Toplice is the top of a magnificent mountain amphitheatre under the southern azure sky, framed by green hills that resemble mountain ridge guards.... Everyone who visits this blessed part of the earth will be able to see that the author of these lines did not exaggerate at all.» (Marburger Zeitung, June 5th 1943)

Exotic tree park

You can devote the first days to leisurely walks around the hotels. In the forest you will find such rare species of flora as sequoias (planted by Princess Victoria herself!), tulip trees, three types of firs, Japanese chlois, Canadian hemlock, California cedars and others.

Russian trail

You will be interested to walk along the Russian trail (1224 meters), named in honor of the captured Russian soldiers who laid it during the First World War. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the war, locals erected a huge boulder with a memorial plaque, honoring the memory of the soldiers. The Russian trails are also a great choice for cycling.

Energetic points

Experts counted as many as 20 energy points, places of power on the trail, through which you will experience a surge of strength and vitality. Zdenko Domancic, a well-known bioenergetic, has conducted research and proved that meditation and breathing exercises near these points increase their effectiveness many times over.

Church of the Lurd Mother of God

The church was built in 1886 year. Located on a hillside with a magnificent view of the valley.

Anton Askerc house-museum

Outstanding Slovenian poet and ballad writer Anton Askerc was born in the Senozhetie village, a short drive from the Rimske Terme. His family estate was turned into a museum-house, where almost everything is preserved in its original form. Visitors of the museum will be treated with infusion and cheese cooked according to an old recipe by a distant relative of Anton Askerc.

Napoleon's sister's bathroom font

More than two hundred years ago, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte came to the Rimske Toplice to improve her health. The font in which she took water procedures has retained its original appearance and is now one of the attractions of the spa-resort complex Rimske Terme.

Rimske Toplice museum

The museum is located on the territory of the spa complex Rimske Terme. The exposition is dedicated to the history of Rimske Toplice and the development of Rimske Terme, the main part of the exposition is the collection of photographs from different eras. Visit to the museum free of charge.

Leisure time in the Rimske Toplice

Conquering the peaks

Ready for more exercise? Conquer the local peaks: Kopitnik, Bohor, Lisca, Mrzlica and Smohor. Though this "conquest" will take no more than an hour, you will be glad to see the panoramas from the tops: it is not a shame to show it in the movie as well!

Active recreation

Active sports are very well developed at the resort: paragliding, sport fishing, cycling and horseback riding.

Walking tours

The surroundings are full of trails and alleys surrounded by magnificent nature and various attractions.

Animation program of the Rimske Terme

The spa-resort complex has a very rich entertainment program, including aqua zumba, fitness, gong meditation, Aqua Indian Balance, live music.

What to bring from Rimske Toplice

  • At the spa complex of Rimske Terme you can buy a plaque on which a beautiful picture, name, date will be burned by a pyrograph.
  • Herbal gatherings and teas, all ingredients of which are gathered on the slopes of local hills and mountains.
  • At the Anton Askerc house-museum you can buy alcoholic beverages (mead, nal, infusions) prepared according to old family recipes.
  • Exquisite wine from local grape varieties.

How to get to Rimske Toplice

The nearest international airport to Rimske Toplice is located in Ljubljana, 75 kilometers from the resort. The easiest way to order a transfer, group or individual, is on our website. If you plan to rent a car and explore the surrounding area in search of sights, then from Ljubljana it is convenient to follow the following route: highway H3 - highway E57 - highway number 221. The resort is located on the main road Celje - Zidani Most.

If you are going to get to the Rimske Terme by public transport, we can recommend a direct train (one and a half hours) or a route with a transfer by two buses (about the same hour and a half and cheaper, but you can not guess with the transfer and wait for extra time).

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