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Treatment perthes disease in Rimske Terme

Perthes disease (osteochondropathy of the femoral head, Perthes-Legg-Calvet disease) is manifested by a violation of the blood supply to the femoral head and subsequent aseptic necrosis. The disease makes itself felt in childhood or adolescence. The first symptoms of the disease are minor pain when walking in the hip, less often in the knees or throughout the leg, slight lameness and tingling. The disease, progressing, causes the destruction of the femoral head and impression fracture, which is accompanied by severe pain, severe lameness, swelling of the periarticular tissues, contractures, difficulty in moving, subfibril fever is possible. Long-term treatment, therapy may require up to 4 years. The treatment consists in the complete unloading of the legs, the use of special orthopedic structures, maintaining muscle tone and normal blood supply. In severe cases, surgery is indicated.

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