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Spa Hotel Sofijin Dvor 4*

Spa Hotel Sofijin Dvor TOP best selling free access to thermal pool
Wonderful Reviews: 3

treatment rating 8.0/10

overall rating 8.6/10

Of the entire complex of Rimske Terme the spa hotel "Sofijin Dvor" has the most comfortable rooms, which are suitable for the most demanding customers.

Starting 109 € per 1 day full board and treatment

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Spa hotel's reviews

8.2/10 Fabulous
Rimma Weiner 26.10.2019

We had a rest in the spa hotel from 27.9.19 to 10.09.19. We were very lucky with the weather and we enjoyed the paradise corner of the spa hotel. At once I want to note the excellent attitude of the staff, if there were any questions, they were immediately resolved. There were no language difficulties, we were understood. As far as treatment is concerned, we would like to emphasize the wonderful masseurs. Massage is really at a high level. We liked the pools with thermal water as well as the sauna. Cleanliness is perfect. Nutrition is decent. Everything was delicious. The spa hotel is located near the railway and there were no problems with trips to other cities. We went to Ljubljana. There is also a bus stop nearby and you can go to Celje. Very nice town with an ancient fortress. The price of a ticket for two people is 5.40 euros. I would like to note the excellent transfer. We were very satisfied with our rest. This is our second experience ordering trips through the Sanatoriums website. The first was in AbanoTerme. We still remember a wonderful holiday in Italy. We recommend ordering through this website. First of all, there is support, always answering your questions and the price is cheaper than on Booking.

The only thing that slightly darkened our rest was the absence of a tour agent at this spa hotel. We wanted to go to lake Bled... We contacted a representative in Ragashka, but something went wrong, and we missed the time, hoping for this excursion on Sunday. Other days there was treatment.

7.6/10 Very good
anna gavrilyuk 21.08.2019

The accommodations were good and views incredible. Location of the resort is great, food was delicious. Reception staff was very good. Doctor was knowledgeable. Therapy staff was predominately decent. I wish the lounge chairs in the pool were more comfortable.Transfer from and to airport was reliable. Recommended your sight to friends.

9.4/10 Exceptional
Victorina Shandarin 01.08.2019

My husband and I went to the Rimske Terme in 2018: we liked it so much that we decided to come again this year in the summer of 2019. This time I liked it even better. The location of the spa hotel is very attractive: the forest and mountains around, beautiful views, the opportunity to go out of the spa hotel immediately into the forest and walk on the trails every day, and the climate. The hotel and rooms are well equipped, clean, comfortable, friendly, responsive staff. Good, varied food, often from local farms. We received treatment at the medical center, which is equipped with modern equipment. Many therapists are highly qualified and try to do everything possible to help, to meet your needs. The atmosphere in the medical center is very friendly with a positive charge, which is very important for the treatment. I would especially like to mention such therapists as Vinko, Monika, Sinisha and Matej masseurs and Stella at the reception. And to thank Mida Kundih for the help with booking a room. The spa hotel has 6 saunas, mineral water pools serve as additional therapeutic procedures. I would also like to note the animation program "aqua chi gong", which is held in the water with Peter - a wonderful program that varies and is welcomed by many holidaymakers, regardless of age. It is obvious that the director Valery Arakelov and other members of the management in the Rimske Terme are trying to make the spa hotel more and more perfect.

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Spa Hotel Rimski Dvor 4*

Spa Hotel Rimski Dvor TOP best selling free access to thermal pool
Exceptional Reviews: 4

treatment rating 10.0/10

overall rating 10.0/10

Spa Hotel "Rimski Dvor" is the central part of the Rimske Terme complex.

Starting 99 € per 1 day full board and treatment

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9.6/10 Exceptional
Margarita Nelyubova 12.10.2019

We got a good rest ! Magnificent nature, seclusion from the city, the air itself is already recovering. Mineral water is tasty and light, got saturation and moisturizing of the whole organism. Pools and sauna are simply magnificent. Gymnastics in the pool perfectly relaxes and works with all the ligaments. Thank you Peter! I liked the attitude and work of all medical staff and reception. All guys are qualified and attentive. Also on reseption - friendly and organized for all questions. Big THANK to you all! A food excellent, tasty, - a variety of dishes, salads, many fruits and desserts. They constantly went far along the trails and went to the lakes - the stunning beauty of the mountains. We hope to come again - everything is impressive!

I would like to have tea for lunch or dinner.

9.8/10 Exceptional
Igor Shemenev 13.07.2019

Absolute delight from the rest! I liked everything to the smallest detail! Spacious room, cleanliness around, delicious food, all kinds of pools, saunas, jacuzzis, great views, fresh air, silence. The staff led by Valery is the most helpful.

For many days cons haven't been seen at all

10.0/10 Exceptional
elena savicheva 26.06.2019

All liked it!

There were no cons

10.0/10 Exceptional
Julia Brank 20.05.2019

Everything's fine! Swimming pool, spa, treatments, delicious meals. We are very pleased with our rest!

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Spa Hotel Zdraviliski Dvor 4*

Spa Hotel Zdraviliski Dvor TOP best selling free access to thermal pool
Exceptional Reviews: 3

treatment rating 9.6/10

overall rating 9.8/10

Sanatorium "Zdraviliski Dvor" has an ideal price/quality ratio.

Starting 94 € per 1 day full board and treatment

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9.2/10 Exceptional
Eleanora Krasovskaya 25.11.2019

The best in this hotel is the medical center and its employees: attentive, caring, friendly, professional. Meals are varied and tasty at home. The nature is gorgeous! Outdoor swimming pool - beautiful!

The only thing that was uncomfortable was the huge number of people who came for 3-4 days to corporate events. It was very noisy, the restaurant was crowded.

10.0/10 Exceptional
Valery Yashin 25.11.2019

One of the best spa hotel in the world in combination of beautiful nature, landscape design in the spa hotel, excellent service, great cuisine and very high quality treatment. It is necessary to note the new medical equipment, very good filling of the package of medical procedures, as well as friendliness of the staff.

9.2/10 Exceptional
Lyubov Semanova 03.11.2019

Amazing nature. Excellent location. Good quality of medical services.

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