Treatment rehabilitation of oncology patients in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia
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Treatment rehabilitation of oncology patients in Rogaska Slatina

The system of measures for the rehabilitation of cancer patients is an extremely relevant and complex area of clinical medicine, united by the concept of "oncological rehabilitation". The structure of the rehabilitation programs of a particular patient is determined by the location, stage and structure of the tumor, the nature of the therapy being carried out, the degree of anatomical and functional impairment, and the age and sex of the patients. Patients after radical surgeries for malignant tumors are sent to spa-resort treatment, with full confidence in the absence of tumor recurrence and metastasis. The average time of referral is 6-12 months after the operation, mainly to local motels. The malignant tumor, the greater the interval between the operation and the direction of the spa treatment. If the attending oncologist gives a written recommendation for a spa-resort treatment at the corresponding resort, indicating the season, then such a patient is referred to climatic and balneotherapy resorts. Pelotherapy for patients in this group is contraindicated. But the use of such factors as climatotherapy, terrenkur, drinking water treatment with mineral waters, occupations in ponds and pools, diet therapy, in combination with the necessary medical treatment, help to improve the general condition of patients. Also, the purpose of spa treatment can be determined by the reduction of fixation on the patient's somatic sensations. A new rhythm, a change in routine, help to get out of the stressful state associated with his illness and the consequences of heavy treatment. Studies of European scientists of the last 20 years have shown that oncology patients at the end of treatment need additional restorative treatment for concomitant diseases in a spa hotel, and not only the treatment of existing complications associated with the disease and the treatment.

Top spa hotels in Rogaska Slatina for quality of treatment

Grand Hotel Donat

Grand Hotel Donat 4*

From 132 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Grand Hotel Sava

Grand Hotel Sava 4*

From 134 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Grand-Hotel Rogaska

Grand-Hotel Rogaska 4*

From 119 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Zagreb

Spa Hotel Zagreb 4*

From 119 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Slatina

Spa Hotel Slatina 4*

From 102 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Slovenia

Spa Hotel Slovenia 4*

From 101 € per 1 day full board and treatment

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