Treatment duodenal ulcer in Teplice, Czech Republic
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Treatment duodenal ulcer in Teplice

Chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract of a long course, in which ulcerative defects are formed on the mucous membrane of the duodenal ulcer, and the periods of exacerbation alternate with remissions. The disease is dangerous in that it is asymptomatic in many cases, until serious complications such as perforation of the duodenal wall, bleeding and anemia develop. Duodenal ulcer characterized by moderate dull pain, localized in the epigastric region, under the sternum, at least - at the top of the abdomen. The pain intensifies at night and on an empty stomach, passes after eating, milk, antacids. The treatment is carried out with broad spectrum antibiotics, proton pump inhibitors, H2-histamine receptor blockers, antacids, gastroprotectors. In life-threatening situations or with the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment, surgical treatment of duodenal ulcer is prescribed by excision or suturing.

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