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Treatment multiple sclerosis in Teplice

Chronic autoimmune disease affecting the brain and spinal cord is characterized by demyelination of the conductive pathways, replacement of scar tissue. Multiple sclerosis debut mainly at a young age (20-45 years old) and progresses quite rapidly due to the increasing number of lesions of the central and peripheral nervous systems. The first symptoms are weakness in the lower limbs, visual and tactile impairments. Perestezii, radiculitis, optic neuritis develop. In other cases, the symptoms of the initial stage are manifested in gait disturbance, dizziness, bouts of vomiting and nystagmus. Over time, paresis, ataxia, speech and behavior disorders, neuroses, facial and trigeminal nerve paralysis, dysmetria, asynergia, tremor, "dissociation" syndrome, polyneuropathy, radiculopathy, develop. The treatment is predominantly medical, is carried out under the constant supervision of a neurologist, aimed at stopping and preventing exacerbations, as well as reducing the rate of disease progression.

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