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Available 1 spa hotel in Teplice

Spa Hotel Beethoven

Teplice, Czech Republic

Spa Hotel "Beethoven" is located in the center of the Teplice resort.

Starting 77 € per 1 day

full board and treatment

expert assessment

"Beethoven" is ideal for people who want to receive quality and effective treatment for diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The spa hotel has the largest treatment department and the strongest medical base, which allows to effectively carry out rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy, to carry out various procedures, especially the procedure "pulsating signal therapy" and kinesiotherapy, which is carried out on the unique equipment "redcord". In the building of the spa hotel, there is a buvette with mineral water "Bilinska Kyselka" for drinking therapeutic course. The quality of food and variety of dishes in the restaurant of the spa hotel corresponds to category 3 *, guests are provided with dietary food, and a nutritionist can make a plan for them to eat properly. The disadvantage of the spa hotel is the lack of possibility to treat children, they go for procedures to the spa hotel "Nove Lazne". Also, a disadvantage is that the swimming pool of the spa hotel can be visited by guests of other spa hotels and just anyone who wishes, so it often happens there are many people.

Spa hotel's reviews

10.0/10 Exceptional
Liudmila Vyalykh 25.11.2019

The excellent service in all respects!!!

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