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Laubeho náměstí 2, 415 01 Teplice


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Spa Hotel "Cisarske Lazne" provides high quality spa treatment through the use of unique thermal mineral water and a range of rehabilitation techniques, physiotherapy in pools with thermal mineral water. In "Cisarske Lazne" works experienced medical staff specializing in physical rehabilitation. Effective methods are to improve motor activity, as well as the treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine. The spa hotel has improved the quality of food; guests are also offered diet meals.


  • location in the city center, next to a small park area
  • the presence of a rehabilitation pool with 100% thermal mineral water, as well as an additional 3 individual rehabilitation pools (also with thermal water)
  • the presence in the spa hotel building the "CLT" clinic, where specialized examinations and treatment are carried out in the field of orthopedics, dermatology, neurology, urology, plastic surgery

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