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Spa Hotel Chale Graal

Суховоля, 60А, 82200 Truskavets
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Татьяна Яковенко


Excellent food and restaurant staff.


In the room where we lived there were a lot of completely unnecessary shelves that took up a large area. Bulky and uncomfortable sofa. Very cramped shower stall with poor drainage. There is no desk for working with a computer.
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Answer from Spa Hotel Chale Graal

Доброго дня, пані Тетяно! Дякуємо за Ваш відгук. Ваші побажання будуть прийняті до уваги. Чекаємо на Вас знову! Ваш Шале Грааль. З повагою,

Игорь Любченко


We are frequent guests in Truskavets, but it was the first time we stayed in Chale Graal and we were very satisfied. The room was comfortable and well furnished, the kitchen was comfortable, all the plumbing was in excellent condition! The staff were very friendly, and I would say a huge thank to them for caring. We had our son (4 yrs old) and they were great with him and he had lots of fun in the games room.
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Валентина Абрамова


The hotel is located in a nice, quiet place, near a variety of entertainment venues, a cozy park, cafes and stores. Rooms meet European standards, there is a separate kitchen, furniture is all new, very comfortable mattress. Good spa area, which has 5 types of saunas and swimming pool
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Andrey Astakhov


The hotel is very well located, in a quiet part of town, close to Mineralnye Vody. I liked the spa treatment, the doctor was very attentive and prescribed all the necessary procedures. The food is delicious, varied, with HUGE portions for lunch and dinner. Overall a great aparthotel in a great location.
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Людмила Гритчина


We were pleasantly surprised by the service, 24-hour security, any request is fulfilled in the shortest possible time, parking is close by. We were pleasantly surprised by the service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, security, and any requests are dealt with promptly, and parking is close by. Everything is excellent! We will be back again! The Gritchin family.
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Галина Редько


We had a holiday at the end of March, we were very comfortable in the hotel. The staff were very courteous. The food was delicious, varied, the chef took into account all the wishes, and most importantly, the choice of dishes was truly diverse. The spa area is very nice and peaceful.
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Flura Nordström


The treatment provided is incredible! A large list of procedures, performed by qualified medical staff. The bathhouse, sauna and swimming pool are wonderful! Good location of the hotel, no crowds of tourists, you can walk alone, especially in the evening near the park. The breakfast buffet was very good, lunch and dinner featured talented food presentation. The staff was very friendly and helpful.
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