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Hello dear friends! One of the main advantages of the site are the author's videos, in this article we want to tell a little more about the process of shooting them.

When we decide to connect a new resort to our website, when we start cooperation with a new spa hotel, or when we understand that the existing video has lost its relevance due to various circumstances, our team goes to the resort to shoot a new video. The team includes support staff, our full-time doctor and videographer.

When we come to shoot a video about a spa hotel, we do it as truthfully as possible, show everything as it really is. In our commercials, we use frames taken from a bird's-eye view, giving an opportunity to assess local landscapes, as well as the distance from the spa house to springs, medical centers and other places where you will have to go during your stay at the resort. Our doctor interviews the head doctor of the spa hotel, which gets into the video with a minimum of editing. We do not send questions in advance and from the video you can assess the professionalism of the doctor, how freely he orients in the issues of spa hotel's-resort treatment.

For 3-4 days we live in a hotel, spend the night in rooms of different levels of comfort, try on all the services and amenities of a spa house. In addition to the main video about the spa hotel, we make brief reviews of the rooms of each category, where we show and tell in detail about the conditions of living in them. During those few days of staying at the hotel, we manage to assess the quality and variety of food. On a mandatory basis, we are filming an interview with the chef of the restaurant, in which he talks about what products are used to prepare dishes, whether they prepare diet meals, whether meals are provided on an individual diet. And where there is a nutritionist, we interview him. From the video you can find out a lot of useful things, for example, whether there are Wi-Fi in the rooms, whether pets are allowed, what view from the windows, whether the hotel has its own parking spaces, whether the spa hotel is suitable for guests with reduced mobility how you can spend your free time and lots of other information.

But the main task of our trip to a spa hotel is to evaluate its medical base. Doctors always raise the level of treatment in their institutions to the highest level, but we definitely check it for ourselves: we take therapeutic baths, we make mud wraps and applications, we undergo electro- and physical therapy, we undergo even such complicated procedures as underwater spine traction and CO2 subcutaneous injections. And we do all this so that our specialists can subsequently advise the client of a spa hotel, where the treatment of his diseases will be most effective. A big plus of our videos is that you can get information from them, which is not even on the official website of the spa hotel!

When making a video about treatment at the resort, we arrange interviews with leading experts in the field of balneology, who have devoted many years to the study of local medical factors and the peculiarities of their effect on the human body. The best doctors of the resort talk about natural healing factors, indications for treatment at the spa, the main methods of treatment and contraindications.

Recently, we began filming a series of videos dedicated to choosing the right spa hotel for each of the resorts represented on our website. In them, we systematize information on all the spa hotels in the resort, analyze them in terms of comfort of living, quality of food, level of medical base and convenience of location. We lived, ate and underwent procedures in each resort house, so we try to objectively evaluate them and help you, dear clients, to make a choice that you will not regret. We wish you health and pleasant rest in the resorts of Europe!