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Customer feedback not only helps other users make the right choice, but also allows us to see and correct our mistakes. For convenience, we decided to collect a large number of real reviews of in one place. If you use our services - do not forget to leave a review, it will definitely appear here, reviews are updated daily!

Marianna Gurevich
17. 08. 2022
I recommend

Everything worked like clockwork without failures, very clear and intelligible.

Vira Dubrava
17. 08. 2022
I recommend


Oleg Terechine
17. 08. 2022
I recommend

The site and service are convenient, everything is clear, qualified assistance in choosing. I will continue to use.

Olena Azova
16. 08. 2022
I recommend

a wonderful company, before contacting you, we reviewed a bunch of others, but you offered the best option. We found a transfer from home exclusively from you, and it turned out to be just a salvation for us - we didn’t have the strength to drag around the stations with suitcases that contained only the most necessary, but still heavy. And so - we really were taken from door to door, in the most literal sense of the expression. Thank you very much!

Olha Melnyk
13. 08. 2022
I recommend

Very informative, easy to use, and helpful team

Zoya Vander
07. 08. 2022
I recommend

Very professional and responsible good team in

Anatoli Isakov
02. 08. 2022
I recommend

Great service!!!! For every request was very fast response and accepted solution. Victor is a great person and help us a lot on every question we have. Thanks a lot and good luck!

David Kashper
31. 07. 2022
I recommend

Convenient, many details.

Marina Bach
30. 06. 2022
I recommend

It is a great place to get treatment and relax.

Isabelle Giraudi
18. 06. 2022
I recommend

I already booked several times with Sanatoriums, and I am always very satisfied about the service!

Klaudia Shostak
06. 06. 2022
I recommend

Nice web

Natalja Bozotova
19. 05. 2022
I recommend


Anna Karchev
18. 05. 2022
I recommend


Iveta Sturina
17. 05. 2022
I recommend

Very easy to use.

Natalya Rudyak
04. 05. 2022

Very reliable . Pleased to use this portal.

Ekaterina Snyder
27. 04. 2022
I recommend

Thanks for your work! If I come back I will stay only in your best place! E.Snyder

Marspet Zurabovitch Gevorkyan
24. 04. 2022
I recommend

Excellent service .

Juan Pablo Villanueva
15. 04. 2022
I recommend

It’s very easy and helpful specially now that we have English version.

Larisa Lazarescu
14. 04. 2022
I recommend

Very helpful services, easy to choose the hotel and meating in the aerport.

Iliya Lukatsky
16. 03. 2022
I recommend

Love it

Gerrit Messink
05. 03. 2022
I recommend

De site geeft een mooi overzicht van de resorts in Karlovy vary. Eenvoudig vergelijken en voldoende informatie. Het is gemakkelijk kiezen en de gemaakte keuze wordt per e-mail bevestigd

Stefan Bobtchev
28. 02. 2022
I recommend

no negatives

Sarah Martin
16. 01. 2022
I recommend

Really easy website to use with a great overview of sanatoriums available in the area I was researching. Quick, efficient, and saved a little money on the booking. What's not to love?

Håkan Andersson
17. 12. 2021
I recommend


Natalia Knaus
28. 11. 2021
I recommend

Thank you very much for a great vacation. Everything was organized at the highest level. Clear and well-thought-out booking system, thank you very much for the good and fast service. Special thanks to the company and tour guide Valentina for the wonderful tour to Prague. Everything was at a high level 👍 I plan to use this service in the future.