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Customer feedback not only helps other users make the right choice, but also allows us to see and correct our mistakes. For convenience, we decided to collect a large number of real reviews of in one place. If you use our services - do not forget to leave a review, it will definitely appear here, reviews are updated daily!

Elena Vatamaniuc Georgiadou 08. 10. 2021
I recommend


Boris Gorodnitsky 05. 10. 2021
I recommend

very good service. always got the answers for you support team

Anna Gavrilyuk 05. 10. 2021
I recommend

Good service. Not paying in advance is very beneficial. Rates are steep

Lev Kuchevski 29. 09. 2021

The portal is informative, it would be nice to compare different options in the booking process before making an order. Now I have to start over to see the cost of various packages.

Jelena Kolomijec 25. 09. 2021
I recommend

Easy to navigate

Artur Cholokian 24. 09. 2021
I recommend


Ella Sidorenko 23. 09. 2021
I recommend

Absolutely good

Modris Rektins 17. 09. 2021

Very good

Roza Rozenfeld 15. 09. 2021
I recommend

the information is not clearly described. 2 meals a day is not specified that it's breakfast and dinner, breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. i wanted lunch and dinner, but the spa didn't allow me to have it. the portal explained to me that it wasn't clear to me because i placed the reservation and received the conformation in english. they sent me the description in russian that said the same: 2 meals a day. i live in US and my language is english. The explanation of the agent that called me was so stupid and unprofessional that i can give the portal only a negative rating. the best thing is to make reservation on the hotel's website to avoid aggravation and not thru

Shaul Preiskel 21. 07. 2021
I recommend


Marina Bach 03. 07. 2021
I recommend

4 из 5 баллов

Svetlana Melnik 15. 11. 2020
I recommend

I used around 4 times to make a reservations. 5 stars for a service.

Victoria Korobka 02. 11. 2020
I recommend

I recommend this service! Very convenient to searching Only here could buy a resort package, which even in the spa hotel Rixos was not. Thank you!

Tatjana Kufeld 02. 11. 2020
I recommend

I ordered by myself through the page, all documents came on time. There were no problems. Thank you very much.

Larisa Valentinovic 28. 10. 2020
I recommend

No claims. All information was provided in detail and on time.

Marina Vidershpan 27. 10. 2020
I recommend

Sanatoriums, thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Karlovy Vary, as well as the beautiful Prague. Everything is arranged at the highest level. Thank you very much for the guide in Prague.

Ley Hinz 24. 10. 2020
I recommend

Service is very convenient and easy. Each hotel is described in detail with videos and photos, all pros and cons, which is also very important. Thank you for such professional work. I recommend it to everyone.

Natalie Koop 18. 10. 2020
I recommend

Very efficient operation of the website, booking and further recovery without problems.

Oksana Barskaya 17. 10. 2020
I recommend

Thank you! I use the services of this website for a long time, no complaints, it is convenient, thanks to the videos of everything you have an idea of the chosen spa hotel.

Waldemar Neubauer 16. 10. 2020
I recommend

We were satisfied. Thank you, although I would like more precise information about the number of procedures, for example .....

Angela Becker 12. 10. 2020
I recommend

Dear employees of Sanatoriums, on behalf of our family, I would like to thank you for your good work. In September 2020, you helped us choose the best spa hotel with a beautiful room. All our wishes were taken into account, for which we are all very grateful to you.

Marina Timofeeva 11. 10. 2020
I recommend

Excellent service. All problems were solved quickly, kindly and professionally. Thank you very much to the staff and best wishes.

Elena Stoll 10. 10. 2020
I recommend

Due to the aggravation of the situation with the coronavirus had to shorten the period of stay. We called to the portal. They understood us, returned the money for the unused time. Without any bureaucracy. We will use the services of the portal for a longer time.

Igor Kiselev 08. 10. 2020
I recommend

Excellent website. Everything is clear. All buttons work. I will use this site.

Larissa Fomenko 07. 10. 2020
I recommend

Excellent service, all thought out for customers!!!