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The transfer department of provides customers with transfers and other transportation services at all resorts promoted by the site. We have our own large fleet of vehicles, experienced outgoing drivers work on staff. organizes not only individual, but also group transfers. The main task of the transfer department is to ensure the comfort of our guests at the beginning and at the end of their holiday.

One-way or both-way transfer may be included in the cost of the spa hotel booking. To find out if a transfer is included in the booking price of a resort house, it is necessary to indicate the dates of your stay in the search form. Then, if the transfer is included in the price, in the room description, in the 'Price includes' section, the transfer from the airport to the hotel will be indicated. Also look for a red box with the text 'Free transfer' or 'Transfer in price' on the main photo of the hotel.

All questions related to transfers, send to the email address or call the toll free numbers listed on our website. We wish you a comfortable trip!

Frequently asked questions

In the Czech Republic we have our own transport service, offering transfers on comfortable cars Volksvagen Transporter 2019 (capacity 7-8 people) and minivan Reno Trafic 2016 (capacity 8 people) and Mercedes-Benz Viano (capacity 8 people). All cars are equipped with climate control, GPS navigation, all security systems. If necessary, a child car seat is provided for all age categories.

According to international standards, the waiting time for departure of group transfer can be from 1 to 1.5 hours. But the transport department of, when distributing transfers, tries for the convenience of guests, to group flights so that the waiting time for departure from the airport is minimal.

Email us at the time of arrival, number of the car, at which station you arrive, number of people, telephone number for communication and number of your reservation of the spa hotel. The cost of travel from the railway station is calculated at the price of individual transfer. We will book you a transfer and immediately after making your reservation, the confirmation will come to the e-mail address you provided in the correspondence.

If you need a transfer from the spa hotel to the railway station email us at the departure time of the train, the number of people, the telephone number for communication, in which spa hotel you are in, we will make you a reservation. The cost of travel at the price of individual transfer.

In the transfer booking form, click on the “From” line and a drop-down menu will appear in which you can select a departure poin. The transfer booking form is located on each resort page in the lower right corner. You can also book by clicking on the link provided on your booking confirmation. 3 days before your trip, we will send a message to the hotel’s spa reception (and duplicate it to your email) about your departure time to the airport.

3 days before the date of transfer, we will send you a notification about the time of departure to your hotel email address and a copy to your email specified when booking the transfer.

If upon arrival you cannot find a driver with a sign indicating your first and last name, please call the phone numbers listed on our website.

Our driver will meet you at the airport lounge with a sign indicating your first and last name. If you have booked a transfer from the train station, the driver will meet you with a sign indicating your first and last name near the train carriage.

  1. On the resort page on The transfer booking form is located in the lower right corner of each resort page.
  2. In the booking confirmation of the spa hotel’s, which you receive by e-mail, there is a section with links to booking a transfer.
  3. On the page of each spa hotel, after the information block "Medical base" there are links to booking a transfer.

Transfers in Czech and Europe

Transfers in the Czech Republic

Transfers in the Europe

Piestany, Slovakia

Starting 35 

Smrdaky, Slovakia

Starting 80 

Rimske Terme, Slovenia

Starting 120 

Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia

Starting 55 

Portoroz, Slovenia

Starting 110 

Druskininkai, Lithuania

Starting 20 

Birstonas, Lithuania

Starting 20 

Palanga, Lithuania

Starting 50 

Montecatini Terme, Italy

Starting 80 

Ischia, Italy

Starting 76 

Fiuggi, Italy

Starting 30 

Heviz, Hungary

Starting 40 

Sarvar, Hungary

Starting 40 

Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary

Starting 40 

Jurmala, Latvia

Starting 25 

Ein Bokek (Dead Sea), Israel

Starting 82 

Naftalan, Azerbaijan

Starting 19 

Truskavets, Ukraine

Starting 32 

Morshyn, Ukraine

Starting 35 

Skhidnitsa, Ukraine

Starting 40 

Swieradow Zdroj, Poland

Starting 180 

Kolobrzeg, Poland

Starting 450 

Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

Starting 38 

Borjomi, Georgia

Starting 66 

Abano Terme, Italy

Starting 29