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Flight tickets

You can find the "Direct flight" checkbox on the left side below the flight search form and on the search results page, in its left menu. Just check the box and the results will filter out.

The flight search page displays only the departure time from the point of departure and the landing time at the destination. To see connecting flight times, go to the booking page of the flight you are interested in. Once booked, this information will also be available in your confirmation e-mail.

By default, the price of tickets with hand luggage only is displayed. By proceeding to the airline reservation stage you will be able to add registered luggage and/or priority boarding rights to your order.

Yes. At the booking stage you can choose whether to fly without luggage, with one unit of luggage in both directions, or with two units of luggage in both directions. You cannot fly from point A to point B with luggage and back with hand luggage only (and vice versa).

After clicking on the "Book" button, you will have 30 minutes to pay for the reservation using a convenient method (usually Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal). If you do not pay within 30 minutes, the booking will be automatically canceled.

Bus tours

A bus tour from Germany to the Czech Republic or Poland necessarily includes door-to-door transfers, accommodation, meals (two or three meals a day), and a back transfers from the hotel to home. Optionally, you can add a treatment program to your bus tour, and you can purchase a health insurance policy at the time of booking. During the booking process you will see the full list of services included in the tour: depending on the hotel, it may include an excursion, a subscription to the wellness center, tickets to the water park and other services.

At the moment you can choose hotels in Czech resorts (Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne) and Polish resorts ( Swieradow Zdroj and Kolobrzeg).

The tour price includes ONE unit of luggage. If you are using a roller or other auxiliary equipment, please notify us in advance. Please note that we do not carry additional luggage even for extra charge, as the space in the minibus is physically limited.

Passengers with pets are not allowed on international transfers from Germany to the Czech Republic. The exception is guide dogs, about which we have to be notified in advance. Animals can be taken on transfers to Poland, but they must also be notified to us in advance by e-mail.

Yes, we added that option in the summer of 2023.

Flight tours

Booking an air tour on our website, you get a package of services: round-trip airfare, transfers to and from the hotel, hotel accommodation, meals and medical insurance. Accommodation is provided with or without treatment, it depends on your choice. Meals are also optional: two or three meals a day. For some hotels there are bonus services such as free city tours, free access to saunas and swimming pools, etc. Detailed information about the composition of the tour you will find out at the stage of booking. does not require full prepayment of the tour. In order to confirm the booking of the air tour you need to pay 50% of the cost immediately upon completion of the reservation using a convenient online payment method. The other half of the amount can be paid either online or by bank transfer.

Choosing the right resort

We have a customer support service, which employees constantly study the balneological resorts, being directly on location, live in every spa hotel, undergo medical procedures everywhere assessing the quality of their performance. You can call support by calling the numbers listed in Contacts on our website and they will help you choose not only a resort, but also a specific spa hotel.

We also have a staff of health resort specialists, from whom you can get a free consultation by filling out a special form on our website. A reply will be sent to your e-mail within 48 hours.

Our site contains not only narrow-profile, but also multi-profile resorts, such as Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne, Druskininkai and others. On our site, on the page Choosing the right resort town there is a video in which our specialist balneologist tells in detail about the features of choosing a resort for various types of diseases. In case of doubts about the correctness of the choice of a resort, call the support service at the phones listed in the section Contacts on our website

Treatment at the resort

Medical procedures are carried out mainly on weekdays, but in some cases, individual procedures may be performed on Saturday. Doctors balneologists recommend a break from the procedures on weekends, because their continuous exercise puts a strain on the body.

Specific procedures, depending on your state of health and complaints, are prescribed only by a health resort doctor in a spa hotel. On your own, you can choose wellness procedures that are usually performed without a doctor's prescription.

We specialize only in spa treatment, therefore, on the website, the spa hotel’s booking is mainly done with treatment only. However, resorts such as Heviz in Hungary, Rogaska Slatina in Slovenia, Abano Terme in Italy can be booked without treatment. The important point is that if you book a hotel without treatment at the Rogaska Slatina resort, the drinking treatment course of Donat Mg mineral water is not included in the booking price.

On our website, on the spa hotel’s page, in the “Services” section, we place information on the work of the doctor, as well as the opening hours of the health department in the spa hotel

Usually, on the day of the patient’s arrival at the spa hotel he does not have a doctor’s appointment. Because after the road, the guest must rest, fully recover, otherwise on examination at the doctor may be unreliable indicators of the cardiovascular system. In most cases, medical examination carried out on the morning after the patient's arrival.

There are two types of ratings - general and treatment rating. The overall rating is calculated according to customer reviews, which include an assessment of the location of the spa hotel, the quality of treatment, food, staff, comfort level. The treatment rating takes into account only the opinion of the client regarding the quality of treatment in the spa hotel.

In the description of each spa hotel on there is information about how many meters from the spa hotel to the nearest springs of thermal mineral water. Also on you can see the map with the location of the spa hotel and all the thermal mineral springs of the resort.

As a rule, doctors perform reception only on weekdays. But in some spa hotels, doctors hold a reception and on Saturday.

As a rule, the treatment program includes hydrotherapy, mud therapy (if therapeutic mud is used at the resort), gas treatment, electrotherapy, physiotherapy. But only the doctor in the spa hotel prescribes the type of medical treatment procedures and their combination within your individual treatment plan.

A different number of procedures is determined by the conditions of a particular spa hotel - the medical specialization, the level of the medical base, the scale of the proposed procedures.

Food in the spa hotel

It's impossible. In order for the treatment at the resort to be effective, it is recommended to adhere to at least 2 meals a day according to the standards of the classic spa treatment.

You can change the diet only by re-booking and canceling the previous one.

If you want to change the diet during your stay in a spa hotel, you need to contact the reception. In case of any disputes, please contact us by email and we will quickly help you.

You can choose food according to the breakfast/lunch or breakfast/dinner system according to your desire. When you check in at the reception please specify the diet you need.

Features of reservation and cancellation

It is not necessary to confirm reservation. But in some cases, we send our customers an e-mail with a request to confirm a reservation - this is done at the spa hotel’s request. In this case, confirm your reservation by return letter.

In the search form of spa hotels there is a line “number of people”. Click there and in the drop-down menu select the “other options” item, where you can add a child with or without treatment.

Changing the date of arrival and departure is possible only by reserving and canceling the previous one.

Cancellation of a reservation can be made by clicking on the link indicated in the booking confirmation that is sent to your email address.

You can find out the terms of a free cancellation and get acquainted with the rules for charging a fine (if it is provided for by the spa hotel’s rules) after you select the dates of your stay in the spa hotel - you will see a list of available rooms and a cancellation link. Information about the amount of penalties is also duplicated on the page of the last booking step (data on the conditions of cancellation of the reservation are placed under the total price of your booking).

If you need to change the booking conditions, you can cancel the reservation even during the period of the fine. They will not be applied if you immediately make a new reservation for the same dates that you had after cancellation and for the same spa hotel.

No, we do not have an early reservation, because at prices do not change depending on the timing of booking. We will notify you about individual special offers on the hotel pages or via newsletters/social networks.

After completing your reservation, a confirmation of your reservation will immediately arrive at your email address. If you didn’t see your booking confirmation email, check your "spam" folder.

Prices and payment terms

You book directly at the spa hotel. When booking this price is fixed in the system of the and is not subject to revision.

Yes, you can use a third party credit card, for example, a card of relatives or friends.

Spa hotels have different requirements for the amount of funds on a bank card. This information you can see in the section "Terms of payment".

Yes, you can make a prepayment by writing to our e-mail address with your booking number and a convenient payment method (bank transfer or bank card). We will send a message to the spa hotel and you will be billed or withdrawn from your bank card. After the payment is made, the spa hotel sends a confirmation of payment.

You can pay by cash or by credit card. If the spa hotel has previously withdrawn part of the funds on the terms of the booking from your bank card, then it is usually credited as payment for the reservation and you will need to pay the remaining amount when checking in. If the spa hotel blocks part of the funds on the bank card, the block will be removed at the time of your check-in.

In the spa hotel you pay in euros, but in the resorts of the Czech Republic you can also pay in Czech crowns.

The reservation price includes accommodation, meals, a course of treatment procedures, doctor’s examination(s), a drinking cure course (if the resort has drinking water springs), laboratory tests (if the resort/spa hotel offers the opportunity to take tests), and VAT.

The fact is that individual spa hotels in the resorts of Karlovy Vary, Rogaska Slatina, Heviz, Abano Terme really have an internal rule to require prepayment for the preparation of a voucher for opening a visa. In this voucher, they write that a prepayment is made and this fact gives an additional guarantee of opening a Schengen visa. In this case, we inform our customers about it and ask to make an advance payment to the spa hotel’s account by bank transfer. Also, a spa hotel can authorize your bank card and withdraw the required amount of money.

Usually the spa hotel in this case makes an invoice for payment, sending it with our help to the client's e-mail. If the client does not pay the penalty spa hotel, the hotel has the right to transfer to the embassy / consulate the client’s data for inclusion in the stop list for the opening of Schengen visas. provides to spa hotels a large number of customers, so they provide us with better prices.

Opening a visa

To open a Schengen visa, you need to get a booking confirmation on the official spa hotel form. To do this, in order to receive such a confirmation, write us an e-mail message, which indicate your reservation number, passport number, your date of birth and surname/name as written in the passport (or send the scan first pages of passport). We will send a confirmation for a visa to your email address. Please note that since 2015, for citizens of CIS countries, there is a rule on the need to provide biometric data (fingerprints) when opening a Schengen visa. You must provide biometric data yourself at the embassies of EU countries or at visa centers.

Usually, the booking confirmation on the spa hotel blank is done within 72 hours.

Transfer booking

Not later than 24 hours before the date of transfer, we will send you a notification about the time of departure to your hotel email address and a copy to your email specified when booking the transfer.

The price of any type of transfer at the includes hand luggage and one unit of luggage per passenger. It is allowed to transport a walker (rollerblade) as an additional unit of luggage.

If upon arrival you cannot find a driver with a sign indicating your first and last name, please call the phone numbers listed on our website.

According to international standards, the waiting time for departure of group transfer can be from 1 to 1.5 hours. But the transport department of, when distributing transfers, tries for the convenience of guests, to group flights so that the waiting time for departure from the airport is minimal.

In the Czech Republic we have our own transport service, offering transfers on comfortable cars Volksvagen Transporter 2019 (capacity 7-8 people) and minivan Reno Trafic 2016 (capacity 8 people) and Mercedes-Benz Viano (capacity 8 people). All cars are equipped with climate control, GPS navigation, all security systems. If necessary, a child car seat is provided for all age categories.

Transfers from the airport/train station to the hotel and back are paid directly to the driver. "Door-to-door" transfers from Germany to Poland and Czech Republic (and back) are payable in advance by card or bank transaction.

In the transfer booking form, click on the “From” line and a drop-down menu will appear in which you can select a departure poin. The transfer booking form is located on each resort page in the lower right corner. You can also book by clicking on the link provided on your booking confirmation. 1 day before your trip, we will send a message to the hotel’s spa reception (and duplicate it to your email) about your departure time to the airport.

Our driver will meet you at the airport lounge with a sign indicating your first and last name. If you have booked a transfer from the train station, the driver will meet you with a sign indicating your first and last name near the train carriage.

  1. On the resort page on The transfer booking form is located in the lower right corner of each resort page.
  2. In the booking confirmation of the spa hotel’s, which you receive by e-mail, there is a section with links to booking a transfer.
  3. On the page of each spa hotel, after the information block "Medical base" there are links to booking a transfer.

Email us at the time of arrival, number of the car, at which station you arrive, number of people, telephone number for communication and number of your reservation of the spa hotel. The cost of travel from the railway station is calculated at the price of individual transfer. We will book you a transfer and immediately after making your reservation, the confirmation will come to the e-mail address you provided in the correspondence.

If you need a transfer from the spa hotel to the railway station email us at the departure time of the train, the number of people, the telephone number for communication, in which spa hotel you are in, we will make you a reservation. The cost of travel at the price of individual transfer.

Transfers are made by vans. Prices vary depending on the distance and are calculated on the basis of the given zip code. Transfers to the Czech Republic depart on Thursdays and Sundays, to Poland - only on Sundays. Return transfers depart on Wednesdays and Saturdays from the Czech Republic and on Saturdays from Poland. This should be taken into account when booking the hotel. Please book your transfer at least one week in advance. If you have any questions, please contact us via phone number +4974328093002. If you would like to book a transfer, please enter "Germany" in the transfer search form, select your desired destination from the drop down list, enter your five digit zip code in the field that appears, then enter the date and number of passengers.

Transfers from Germany to the Czech Republic are provided on Thursdays and Sundays, back to Germany - on Wednesdays and Saturdays. From Germany to Poland - exclusively on Sundays, back - only on Saturdays. You will receive the exact departure time from Germany to the Czech Republic by e-mail two days before departure, from 12:00 to 15:00. Information with the exact time of departure from the hotel in the Czech Republic to Germany will be sent to the hotel reception by e-mail one day before departure after 12:00. Customers who have booked transfers from Germany to Poland and back, the departure time is reported by our partner on the phone the day before departure from 17:00 to 19:00 (on Saturdays). The departure time back from Kołobrzeg is always reported at the hotel reception the day before departure (on Fridays). Departure from Bad Flinsberg to Germany is always between 07:00–07:20. The first transfers from Germany usually leave around 06:00, but this depends on the distance of the locality.

Passengers with pets are not allowed on international transfers from Germany to Poland and Czech Republic (and back). For local transfers from the airport to the hotel (and back) guests with pets are allowed, if an individual transfer is booked and animal transport regulations are observed. We advise to check the information before booking a transfer.