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Hello, dear friends! The advantages of the website include not only very low prices, but also advantageous terms of payment for the booking, detailed information about which you can find in this article.

In most cases, the customer can pay for the reservation on the place. Upon arrival at the hotel you can always pay in cash, and the vast majority of spa hotels accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and other popular payment systems. A full list of payment methods is indicated on the hotel’s page above the “Services” section, as well as after entering the planned arrival and departure dates in the “Payment and cancellation conditions” pop-up window, next to the “Book Now” button. In European spa homes, payment is usually made in euros. Information on the type of currency is indicated on the booking confirmation sent to the email address provided by the customer. A little advice: practice shows that paying in cash is more profitable than using a card. The fact is that when you pay with a card, the currency is converted at the internal rate of your bank, and the bank can charge a fee for the transfer of funds, while you can buy the currency yourself at the exchange office at a more favorable rate.

Please note that the reservation on the website is absolutely free! We do not withdraw any funds from your bank card for using the services of our website, and in most cases we do not ask you to provide data on the card. When concluding agreements with hotels, we try to achieve extremely loyal booking conditions. Due to this, most of the spa hotels you can book without a prepayment, without providing data on your bank card, while receiving a 100% guarantee of the reservation. Our website has a free cancellation policy, the deadline of which may in some cases end just 3-4 days before the planned arrival date of the customer. But on average you can cancel your reservation for free 1-2 weeks before your arrival. Some hotels are subject to special offers, within which they offer you a good saving by paying the full amount immediately after the booking is completed.

There are also spa hotels on our website that require the customer to provide data on their bank card when booking. There may be two reasons for this. Either the hotel is simply reinsured in case the client cancels the reservation after the occurrence of periods of penalties, or 1-2 weeks before the arrival an amount of about 10-30 percent of the total cost of the reservation will be deducted from the account as a deposit. The terms of payment, terms of free cancellation and penalties are described in the section “Terms of payment and cancellation”, located under the “Book” button, and are also indicated on the booking confirmation. Ask all questions to the support staff whose numbers are listed on the website, or send them to the email address