Treatment synovites and tenosynovites in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea), Israel

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Treatment synovites and tenosynovites in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea)

Inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joint, accompanied by the formation of effusion in it. In medical practice, synovitis of the knee joint is most common; ankle, elbow, wrist and other joints are also susceptible to lesions. Multiple lesions of the joints are extremely rare. Synovitis can develop on the background of mechanical trauma, infection, allergies, blood diseases, hormonal and metabolic disorders. The development of synovitis is evidenced by such symptoms as: an increase in the volume of the joint, smoothing of its contours, pain of varying intensity, malaise, limited mobility of the joints, pain during palpation of the joint, hyperthermia. Purulent synovitis in acute form is accompanied by intoxication: fever, chills, severe weakness, delusions, severe pain, swelling and enlargement of the joint, contractures and regional lymphadenitis may occur. The treatment program depends on the form and stage of the disease, it can be carried out on an outpatient basis or with hospitalization in a trauma or surgical department.

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