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Treatment vascular myelopathy in Ein Bokek (Dead Sea)

Softening of the spinal tissues, which develops as a result of a violation of their blood circulation. Vascular myelopathy may be acute or chronic. Acute forms are manifested by flaccid paraplegia, tetraplegia with sensitivity disorders, sphincter disorders, patients sometimes complain of severe pain in the spine, which can radiate along the roots. In some cases, the disease manifests transient spinal ischemia (paresthesias, transient motor and pelvic disorders). There is the probability of spinal stroke, spinal intermittent limping, damage to the central and posterior spinal arteries. In chronic vascular myelopathy, the disease slowly progresses, motor disorders develop at the beginning, muscle weakness progresses, tendon reflexes fall out, muscles atrophy, and surface sensitivity disorders appear. The treatment is carried out in a hospital, aimed at restoring the normal blood supply to the spinal cord and preventing necrotic changes in the tissues of the spinal cord. Medical and surgical treatment, for rehabilitation, massage, exercise therapy and physiotherapy procedures are shown (magnetic therapy, peloidotherapy, electrophoresis, electromyostimulation).

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