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Is luggage added all at once in both directions?

Yes. At the booking stage you can choose whether to fly without luggage, with one unit of luggage in both directions, or with two units of luggage in both directions. You cannot fly from point A to point B with luggage and back with hand luggage only (and vice versa).

How to find a direct flight?

You can find the "Direct flight" checkbox on the left side below the flight search form and on the search results page, in its left menu. Just check the box and the results will filter out.

Where can I see connecting flight times?

The flight search page displays only the departure time from the point of departure and the landing time at the destination. To see connecting flight times, go to the booking page of the flight you are interested in. Once booked, this information will also be available in your confirmation e-mail.

Is luggage included in the airfare at

By default, the price of tickets with hand luggage only is displayed. By proceeding to the airline reservation stage you will be able to add registered luggage and/or priority boarding rights to your order.

What is the payment deadline for tickets?

After clicking on the "Book" button, you will have 30 minutes to pay for the reservation using a convenient method (usually Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal). If you do not pay within 30 minutes, the booking will be automatically canceled.