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Treatment gout in Birstonas

The disease is a consequence of the violation of the process of protein metabolism in the human body. In case of gout the content of uric acid in the blood increases, uric acid compounds accumulate, without treatment, attacks of inflammation begin, granulomas and bumps are formed around the joints. Symptoms of gout are: severe joint inflammation, redness, local temperature increase in the area of the inflamed joint, its gradual destruction. Attacks of gout are accompanied by increasing pain, increased heart rate, chills, increased body temperature, increased sweating. Acute gout over time can spill over into a chronic form, in which urate crystals granulate in tissues, joints and kidneys are affected. In case of chronic gout, stiffness of the movements appears, the joints “crackle”, lose their function, constant pain appears, cystitis and acute renal failure develop. Drug therapy helps to suppress manifestations of gout, reduce uric acid levels, eliminate inflammation and pain syndrome. Also, patients have to change their lifestyles: dose loads on the joints, drink at least 2 liters of clean water, refuse meat and animal fats.

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