How to choose best hotel in Heviz, Hungary

How to choose a spa hotel in Heviz

Hello, friends! We have carefully studied the hotels and spa hotels at Heviz resort in Hungary, presented on our website, and want to share with you the information that will help you make the right choice. We will compare all spa houses by several criteria: in terms of location relative to the thermal lake Heviz, in terms of comfort, quality of food, and most importantly - the quality of therapeutic facilities.

At once we want to draw your attention to that the medical base at spa hotels of Heviz is similar enough, there are insignificant differences in the equipment applied for medical gymnastics, and also in some devices for carrying out of examination. For example, "Spa Heviz" has "Spineliner", an oscillating percussion device for diagnostics and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. It is also important to have a thermal pool with Heviz water for underwater spine traction procedure. Comprehensive treatment of the musculoskeletal system can be complemented by a drinking course. It is worth paying attention to whether there are drinking springs on the territory of the spa hotel or how far away from it there is a city drinking room and clinic, where you can also take a drinking cur. Then we will briefly tell about each of Heviz's spa hotels, presented on our website.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Heviz

Spa hotel "Danubius Heviz" is part of the "Danubius" chain of spa hotels, which manages the best spa hotels in Europe resorts. The building of the spa hotel is located 650 meters from the lake, the road to which runs on a sloping road, which is worth paying attention to guests suffering from serious problems of the musculoskeletal system. In terms of comfort, all "Danubius" chain spa hotels have the highest ratings. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, each has a balcony, the rooms have views of either lake Heviz or the city. Guests are offered free high-speed Wi-Fi. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, safe, TV. The spa hotel has its own parking lot.

Three meals a day in the form of a buffet are prepared for guests of the spa hotel "Danubius Heviz". Hungarian cuisine prevails in the assortment, but there are also always dishes of international cuisine. In warm seasons, guests can enjoy alfresco meals on the outdoor terraces. There is one of the most powerful therapeutic facilities at the Heviz resort at the spa hotel "Danubius Heviz". The medical department is very spacious, the medical rooms have recently undergone a comprehensive reconstruction. All main spa procedures are carried out: underwater spine traction in thermal water, accommodation in thermal pools (and here there are two, with different temperatures), as well as mud applications of local therapeutic mud. Additionally, all physiotherapeutic procedures and hydrotherapy necessary for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system are performed. There is a large swimming pool with fresh water. The advantages of the spa hotel include the fact that the treatment department has a spring of drinking thermal water, which is indicated for gastritis, gout, as well as to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Consider spa hotel "Danubius Heviz" one of the leaders in treatment at Heviz resort. In our opinion, the spa hotel is very comfortable and suitable for quality rest. The only disadvantage is the distance from the lake, as well as the difficult for many people road to it.

Europa Fit Superior

Spa Hotel "Europa Fit Superior" 4* is also one of the best spa hotels in the resort. From it to the thermal lake is 550 meters on an absolutely flat road. What we're saying about comfort is that it's on a pretty good level: there are comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary, there is a climate control system, each room has an electric kettle and tea set, comfortable beds. Unless the TVs could be bigger. Most rooms have balconies. The spa hotel has a high-quality modern interior, pleasant to be here, friendly staff. We would like to highlight the spa hotel "Europa Fit Superior" among others by the fact that it has very fast and good lifts. In the "Europa Fit Superior" there is a parking lot, or rather an underground garage in several tiers.

We won't talk much about food quality. Guests are offered a wide range of breakfast and dinner options, all served as a buffet. Lunches are organized in the traditional Heviz form of daytime soup. Overall, the nutrition is at a very high level.

Let's talk further about the treatment base of the spa hotel "Europa Fit Superior", which is different from all others. Firstly, by the fact that the famous Hungarian doctor Veronika Moll works here, she is the daughter of the famous Hungarian doctor Karoly Moll, he was the first to use underwater spine traction in thermal water in practice. The thermal water used in thermal pools, where the underwater spine traction is carried out, is brought into the treatment department. Mud procedures are an integral part of the treatment at the spa hotel "Europa Fit Superior". As in other strongest spa hotels of the resort, the "Europa Fit Superior" uses physiotherapy, manual therapy. There are several swimming pools with fresh water, indoor and outdoor. If you choose "Europa Fit Superior" for your accommodation and treatment at Heviz resort, you will definitely not be mistaken.

Spa Heviz

Spa hotel "Spa Heviz" is ideally located in relation to the thermal lake - only 200 meters on an absolutely flat road. Guests of the spa hotel can afford to leave their room in a bathrobe and go to the thermal lake for swimming. As for comfort, the spa hotel has recently undergone a comprehensive reconstruction, during which the interiors have been renovated, the rooms have new TVs, refrigerators with mini-bar, new furniture, carpeting has been replaced, even the shower cubicles have been improved in the bathrooms. Some rooms have spacious balconies. Rooms have views of either the forest or the park area by the lake. There is a summer terrace. The spa has good conditions for people with disabilities: there is access to the spa hotel, barrier-free access and specially equipped rooms. The diet of the past years, when we visited this spa hotel, has changed for the better. The restaurant has also undergone a complex reconstruction, changing the interior design to pleasant light tones. For breakfast and dinner there is a buffet with a large selection of dishes, for lunch there are traditionally two kinds of soup. There is an interactive kitchen.

Its own therapeutic base is equipped with a thermal water pool where the underwater spine traction is carried out. The department makes mud applications, as well as additional physiotherapeutic procedures: electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, various gymnastics. Please note that there is no swimming pool with fresh water. But there are two saunas: Finnish and infrared, there is a summer terrace, where after the pool or after the sauna you can relax in the fresh air, take sunbathing. There's a small fitness room. For those who are going to come to the spa hotel "Spa Heviz" on their own car, the good news is that it has its own guarded parking for 25 cars. However, it is for an additional fee.

NaturMed Carbona

Spa hotel "NaturMed Carbona" is located 600 meters from lake Heviz and is accessible by road without descents or ascents. Comfort of this spa hotel corresponds to the status of 4*: there are quality rooms, beautiful interiors, qualified and friendly staff. Most of the rooms have balconies, the rooms are equipped with everything you need and it should be noted that "NaturMed Carbona" objectively has the fastest Internet among Heviz's resort houses. Traditional meals: breakfast and dinner in the form of a buffet, lunches in the form of daytime soup. There is a cafe where visitors can relax and attend dancing evenings with live music. There are several swimming pools: two thermal, a large indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool with attractions for children. There are tennis courts. Another advantage of the "NaturMed Carbona" is its own large closed area. There is also its own 24-hour guarded parking lot for guests who want to travel by private car.

A few words about the treatment facility. Here it is at the highest level: two thermal pools, the main procedures are carried out - spine traction under water and mud applications with local mud, has several doctors, medical staff is professional. "NaturMed Carbona" is a very good spa hotel, but it's not exactly cheap, but believe, the price pays off completely.


Spa hotel "Bonvital" – is one of the newest spa houses in Heviz resort, was opened in 2017. Obviously, it has everything modern in it: rooms, interiors and therapeutic facilities. "Bonvital" is located very close to the healing lake Heviz - only 200 meters, and the road to the lake runs through absolutely flat terrain. As for comfort. There are several categories of rooms, all of them are equipped with very high quality, each room has a tea set and kettle, Wi-Fi internet connection for free. Rooms with modern design, some have a balcony. There is also parking for the convenience of guests arriving by car.

As for nutrition, it is on a very high level here. Breakfasts and dinners are held as a buffet-style. Lunches are organized by choice from the menu and are held not in the main restaurant, but in a la carte restaurant "Brix", where guests choose from several soups and main dishes. Lunch drinks for a surcharge. A variety of meals, a large selection of everything, there are fresh and pickled fruit, several kinds of desserts, for breakfast fresh ground coffee.

As for the treatment base, there is no thermal water and no thermal pool. Of the classic Heviz procedures, underwater spine traction is performed here, but in ordinary fresh water of a certain temperature. There is also mud treatment, local applications. In treatment apply additional procedures: physioprocedures, electrotherapy and, of course, hydrotherapy. Very high quality wellness area: there is a swimming pool, several types of saunas. The spa hotel "Bonvital" mainly has several advantages: comfort, location in relation to the lake, there is parking, very tasty cuisine, pleasant interior, there are two elevators for the convenient movement of guests, modern and comfortable wellness area. Minus - no thermal water is supplied, but this minus easily turns into a plus, because the main treatment in the resort is bathing in the thermal lake, and "Bonvital" is very close to it.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Aqua

Spa hotel "Danubius Aqua" is located 700 meters from the lake Heviz, you have to go down a small hill to it. As for comfort, belonging to the "Danubius" chain says a lot: comfortable rooms equipped with everything necessary, but there are no balconies here. The rooms have climate control systems, TVs, good beds. There are parking spaces for guests arriving by car. The feeding system here differs from other spa hotels, namely that in "Danubius Aqua" all day long is all-inclusive: breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of a buffet, but also in intermediate hours in the restaurant are available all kinds of snacks, drinks and desserts. Very rich choice, everyone will find something delicious here. In warm seasons, guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner al fresco on the outdoor terraces. The quality of the food is very high, but like all spa hotels in Heviz, there is no classic diet food.

The treatment base is similar to the "Danubius Heviz" treatment base: very strict, qualitative, again the main procedures of the resort are carried out - underwater traction in thermal water, visiting the thermal pool and mud applications, there is a standard set of physiotherapeutic and balneotherapeutic procedures. There are several doctors on the department. There are also several fresh water pools, both inside and outside. And in addition, there's a special children's pool. The spa hotel "Danubius Aqua" has its own park with sun-beds on which guests can take sunbathe. The spa hotel "Danubius Aqua" is a good choice for your holidays in Heviz.

Hunguest Helios Hotel Anna

Spa hotel "Anna" is located from the lake at 1700 meters, also under the hill. Obviously, those who have no serious problems with their musculoskeletal system should come here, as it is a long way to the lake. But in the warm season there is a daily road train from "Hunguest Helios Hotel Anna". About comfort. The "Hunguest Helios Hotel Anna" has quite a lot of rooms, so there is a large crowd of people, which, perhaps, should be taken into account when considering this spa hotel. Guests are accommodated in two buildings, in the main building all rooms have balconies, rooms are equipped as standard, there is everything you need. As for food, it is also at a normal level: breakfast and dinner - buffet, lunch - in the form of day soup. But if you want, you can have a full buffet lunch for an extra fee. Meals at "Helios Anna" are as good as meals at other spa hotels in Heviz.

And about the treatment base. Thermal water is supplied here, which is used in swimming pools for staying and for underwater spine traction. Mud applications and other procedures are performed in the treatment departmen: physiotherapeutic, electrotherapy and others. We would like to point out that a thermal spring of drinking water has been supplied to the treatment department of "Helios Anna" for a treatment course. In our opinion, "Helios Anna" is a good spa hotel for treatment in Heviz resort, minus is its location relative to the lake, 1700 meters is still a long distance. In warm seasons this minus is leveled off by a shuttle service from the hotel entrance to the lake entrance.

Lotus Therme

Spa hotel "Lotus Therme" – is the only spa hotel in Heviz resort with category 5*. And naturally in this spa hotel all at a high level. From the thermal lake 1200 meters, the way to the lake is almost on a flat road. The comfort of the rooms is probably not worth mentioning: everything also corresponds to the 5* level. All rooms are equipped with climate control system, furniture, interior, beds, mattresses, blankets, towels, bathrobes - all very high quality. Most rooms have a balcony. Guests often come by car to the "Lotus Therme", for such cases there is parking, all parking spaces are under the awning. Breakfasts and dinners are buffet-style, wide selection, all very delicious.

The comfort of the spa hotel "Lotus Therme" at a high level, but the quality of treatment of the spa hotel "Lotus Therme" in principle does not differ from other spa hotels, here they conduct the same procedures, thermal water is supplied, there is a thermal pool. The spine traction is not made in thermal mineral water - it is carried out here in a dry form. Mud applications are carried out, there is a luxurious wellness area with a swimming pool with fresh water and a large fitness room. Spa hotel "Lotus Therme" is located on the edge of Heviz resort, surrounded by a large forest park area, where you can walk and enjoy the air of Heviz. The comfort and nutrition of the spa hotel - all in pluses, the only disadvantage - is its location, remoteness from the thermal lake.

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Spa hotel "Aquamarin" is located 800 meters from the lake. Let's start with comfort: there are two room categories: "A" and "B" category. Category "B" is much more comfortable than "A", but the price is also different. The rooms of both categories, when we rested, were clean, had clean towels, everything was normal. There were mosquito screens on the windows of the rooms. The "B" category rooms have balconies. As for the staff, the impression is neutral: no rudeness, but no strong smiles here. We'd like to mention a meal at the spa hotel "Aquamarin". We were pleasantly surprised, waiting for the middle level from the 3* spa hotel restaurant, located far away from the lake and inexpensive, but when we arrived and went for breakfast and then for a buffet dinner, we changed our mind: everything was deliciously prepared, the staff at the restaurant was friendly. Lunch is classic Heviz's afternoon soup.

As for the treatment base, it is a full-format facility for the Heviz resort. All the classic procedures of the spa are performed, thermal water is supplied, there are two thermal pools, underwater spine traction and mud applications are performed here. There are also qualified doctors, an outdoor swimming pool with fresh water for swimming, a relaxation area and various whirlpool systems. We would like to single out spa hotel "Aquamarin" among other spa hotels by the fact that the treatment department has a drinking spring of thermal water, you can undergo a drinking treatment after consultation with a doctor. In our opinion, "Aquamarin" is also a very good choice, but we would like to remind you that it is far from the thermal lake - 800 meters away.

Medical Centre

From the spa hotel "Medical Centre (BM Sanatorium)" to the lake is 650 meters and the way to it leads from the hill downwards. As for comfort, in the spa hotel "Medical Centre" it is now at an average level: rooms are quite simple, some rooms have a balcony, installed mosquito screens. But, dear friends, the interior of the spa hotel is quite interesting, unusual. For the convenience of guests who come by car, has its own parking lot. The staff is kind and friendly. As for the food, it is also at the medium level: breakfast buffet, lunch - afternoon soup and desserts, dinner of choice from the menu + salad buffet with vegetables. Basically, choose to eat from what, you will not stay hungry, but cooked it is quite standard.

And the treatment base is as standard as in other Heviz spa hotels. Let's say we can compare it to the spa hotel "Aquamarin": there is a thermal pool, where they do underwater spine traction and gymnastics under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Additional classic procedures: balneotherapy, electrotherapy and various hardware physiotherapy. There is also a swimming pool with fresh water, indoor and large enough. Our opinion about "Medical Centre" is a simple spa hotel with classic Heviz treatment and for an excellent price.


Spa hotel "Erzsebet" is very advantageously located in relation to the thermal lake - the nearest entrance is only 200 meters on an absolutely flat road. As for comfort, the spa hotel is at a normal level, the rooms are equipped as standard, the furniture is a bit old, but it is cared for. The rooms have a climate control system, no balconies here. The spa hotel "Erzsebet", like everywhere else, has its own parking and an underground garage. For meals: breakfast and dinner are buffets, and lunch is served with daytime soup. About nutrition, we want to say it's on a level here, let's say "Medical Centre" - no extravagances, all by standard.

The medical base is very small, there is a doctor, mud applications are made here from the main spa procedures, there is no thermal water from the lake. There is no swimming pool with fresh water, but additional procedures are performed here: hydrotherapy, electric procedures, massage. The main advantage of the spa hotel "Erzsebet" is its location in Heviz resort - very close to the thermal lake, on one of the main streets of the resort.


Spa hotel "Agnes" is located 800 meters from the thermal lake. The path to the lake runs from the mountain, we draw attention to it. About comfort: standard rooms, in addition to bathrobes, guests are provided with a lap and towel, with which they go to the lake Heviz. For guests arriving by car, there is a parking lot. Nutrition: breakfasts and dinners in the form of a buffet, do not look for special delights. Classic Heviz lunch in the form of daytime soup.

There are no thermal pools in the treatment base, thermal water is not supplied, but mud applications, electrotherapy, physiotherapy are conducted. From pluses - there is own swimming pool with fresh water. Also, dear friends, here is a very good place in terms of quietness: the spa hotel is far from the bustle of the city, it is quiet, birds singing, in summer it is very comfortable. This spa hotel can be recommended to those vacationers who want peace of mind, who do not require high standards of accommodation and meals, as well as remind that the spa hotel "Agnes" is not very close to the lake (800 m), so the spa hotel is not suitable for full treatment for people with serious problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Hunguest Panorama

Spa hotel "Hunguest Panorama" – is the highest spa hotel in the Heviz resort, located 350 meters from the lake. A flat road leads to it, so the criterion of location at the spa hotel "Hunguest Panorama" refers to the advantages. Rooms are equipped with simple, no extravagances, but all have balconies. For the convenience of guests' movement, as in other spas, several elevators are installed. There is also a parking lot. Meals: breakfast and dinner in the form of a buffet, lunch - day soup. Nutrition is, in principle, normal, a wide range of dishes, diets are not offered here. Breakfasts are standard, you can compare with "Medical Centre" in quality. Dinner is more varied.

There are no procedures in the building itself, but guests walk through a warm indoor passage to a nearby hospital, where everything is carried out: underwater traction of the spine in thermal water, accommodation in two thermal pools, mud applications and an additional set of physiotherapeutic procedures, hydrotherapy. There is also a swimming pool with fresh water for swimming. Advantages over the "Medical Centre" and the spa hotel "Agnes" - its medical base and favorable location.

Palace Heviz

Spa hotel "Palace Heviz" is located 500 meters from the thermal lake, the path to which leads on a completely flat terrain. There are 165 rooms in the spa hotel: double rooms and apartments. By the way, there are no classic single rooms, so double rooms are offered at the price of single. Rooms are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay, the bathroom has shower cabins, some rooms have a bidet. Please note that 99% of King Size beds are not extendable (only three rooms have 2 beds). Most rooms have balconies and have views of the street or the yard. All rooms have a climate control system and the spa hotel has two lifts for easy movement. We liked the polite staff. For those who come with children, there's a children's room. We'd like to point out that there's an underground garage of its own for an extra fee.

Buffet breakfasts and dinners, lunch - a classic Heviz afternoon soup. Normal, fatty and spicy dishes are not observed, if necessary, by agreement with the chef, it is possible to order dietary food. The buffet for breakfast and dinner features a wide range of dishes, baked goods, desserts, fresh vegetables, salads, Hungary's favorite sauerkraut salads. There is an interactive kitchen where you can order scrambled eggs. Drinks for free only for breakfast: several kinds of juice, water, coffee. There are also many kinds of tea. For lunch and dinner, drinks for a surcharge.

The spa hotel has its own therapeutic and wellness department, where one of the main procedures of the resort - mud applications - is performed. There are also various types of therapeutic massage and galvanic baths. Underwater traction is not conducted here. There is a wellness center with a swimming pool, which is filled with ordinary water, several types of saunas, fitness room. All of this is free of charge for spa hotel guests.

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Summing up

Dear friends, after studying all of Heviz's spa hotels on our website, we have structured them in the following order based on their own general impressions:

  1. Europa Fit Superior
  2. Lotus Therme
  3. Danubius Heviz
  4. Danubius Aqua
  5. NaturMed Carbona
  6. Spa Heviz
  7. Bonvital
  8. Palace Heviz
  9. Aquamarin
  10. Helios Anna
  11. Panorama
  12. Medical Centre
  13. Agnes
  14. Erzsebet

But there are always questions! Feel free to contact our support team and call our Dr. Elena Khorosheva - we will listen to you and help you make the best choice.

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