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This service is only available to clients from Germany to Czech and Polish spas and includes a minibus transfer from your home, accommodation in a hotel of your choice and a subsequent transfer back home.

Available 5 spa hotels in Konstantinovy Lazne

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Spa Hotel Manes

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic

Three-storey villa is located in a park area, next to the spa hotel "Prusik".

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Spa Hotel Jirasek

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic

Hotel “Jirasek” is located on the border of the spa park, 300 meters from the spa hotel “Prusik”, where treatment procedures are carried out.

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Spa Hotel Lowenstein Garni

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic

Spa Hotel "Löwenstein Garni" is located in the center of Konstantinovy Lazne resort.

Expert assessment

Spa hotel “Löwenstein Garni” is the best choice for spa guests who prefer to live in a very comfortable environment. This is facilitated by the presence in the spa hotel of a small number of rooms, each of which has a large living area (from 40 sq. m). In fact, every room in the spa hotel is a full-fledged apartment with a kitchen and other amenities. At the same time, guests of “Löwenstein Garni” are fully treated in the spa hotel “Prusik” and can visit the wellness center “Konstantin”, located a 3-minute walk from the spa hotel.

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Spa Hotel Palacky

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic

The two-story villa is located next to the hotel "Jirasek", surrounded by a forested area.

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Spa Hotel Purkyne

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic

Spa Hotel Purkyne is located in a green area, 400 meters from the medical base of the hotel Prusik.

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