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The city of Luhacovice is located in the south-east of the Czech Republic, surrounded by the Carpathian mountains. The resort is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. In addition, due to the proximity of the mountains in Luhacovice, a mild climate is maintained throughout the year with healthy air saturated with mountain freshness. The Luhacovice resort is rich in mineral springs with healing water that spills from the ground. The springs are characterized by temperatures up to 12-15 °C and a high content of minerals with optimal carbon dioxide content for effective healing of the body.

The history of the city

The first settlements on the Luhacovice territory are dated by archaeologists back to the 7th-8th centuries. Since ancient times, there were few villages on this land, since the modern resort is located in the border zone, previously often subjected to raids by militant tribes. The first documented mention of the Luhacovice settlement dates back to 1140 year.

About Luhacovice village that lost among the White Carpathians mountains, for the first time everyone spoke because of Dr. Hertod, who studied the beneficial properties of the mineral springs of this region in 1668 year and published their description. Since then, there have been many more guests in Luhacovice who did not miss the opportunity to take water from healing springs with them. A full-fledged resort was officially founded in 1789 year and treatment in Luhacovice immediately became popular not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. The construction of country houses and spa hotels, a chapel and parks began. In 1902, the resort was purchased from Count Otto Sereni by Dr. Frantisek Vesely, who established the Joint-Stock Company "Luhacovice Resort", after which the active development of the tourist infrastructure began. Thanks to the architect Jurkovic, it is no longer a village, but a city that has acquired a memorable appearance with classical, neoclassical and interspersed with Slavic architecture.

Attractions of the Luhacovice resort

Luhacovice resort offers its guests a visit to such interesting sights:

Jurkovic House

One of the architectural symbols of the resort, which tourists should watch, is the house of architect Dusan Jurkovic. Thanks to the talent of Jurkovic, the resort has gained its present famous appearance. The building itself, named after the architect, immediately captures the eye with its original architecture and vibrant color scheme. Wooden carved elements, a red tiled roof, elegant balconies decorated with flowers make house of Jurkovic look like a fabulous Slavic palace. Now a comfortable spa hotel is located in a building.

Augustinian House

The building was built up in 1902 year in the Neo-Renaissance style with a combination of Gothic elements according to the architectural design by Vladimir Fiser.

Chapel of St. Elizabeth

The old chapel, built up in 1795 year, remains one of the most beautiful buildings preserved in the resort since that time. Unfortunately, during the Second World War the chapel was damaged, but then it was reconstructed with the extension by the efforts of the new parish of the church with the assistance of the famous Czech architect Kipka. At the same time he restored the famous bell with the image of the Holy Trinity, cast in compliance with the predecessor proportions donations residents of the Luhacovice city.

Villa "Chaloupka"

The mansion of the XIX century, previously owned by Dushan Yurkevich, was reconstructed in 1902 year and reorganized into a villa for guests of the resort. Now it is a beautiful building in modern style with a natural wood superstructure, sloping roof, gables and elements of traditional Carpathian architecture. Villa “Chaloupka”, surrounded by forest and manicured flower beds, is perfect for families. Or you can just enjoy a walk, where the resort has welcomed famous guests.

Ethnographical museum

Those interested about the history of the region and collections of archaeological, photographic and natural samples in Luhacovice we recommend visiting the Ethnographic Museum. Here you can also learn about the stages of the resort development and about the people who played a significant role in this. From time to time, the museum hosts exhibitions coming from other cities and countries.


Archaeological excavations were carried out in the vicinity of the resort, and in 1922 year, scientists discovered traces of a settlement dating back to the 8th century. You can look at the mounds and wander around the ancient parking lot now.

Reserve White Carpathians

The Luhacovice resort is surrounded by the White Carpathian mountain range stretching across the territory of Czech Republic and Slovakia. This territory is considered reserved, as it has a rich flora, numbering about 200 rare plant species. For visitors to the Luhacovice resort, the reserve is also interesting because Plotina is located in it. A special sightseeing train from the resort center even goes to this picturesque pond surrounded by forests - ideal for vacationers with children. Here you can go boating, catch fish, sunbathe in the sun and even swim.

If you want to go for a walk or a picnic outside the resort, then do not miss the opportunity to visit the Baroque Lesna Castle, often called the Cinderella Castle, the archbishop's castle in Kromeriz with the old tomb of the bishop and the Gothic church of St. Morisa, and you can also go to the capital of Moravia - Brno city, where guests will find the 13th-century Spilberk fortress, Romanesque cathedrals, ancient late Gothic buildings and the Renaissance Old Town Hall.

Festivals and events in Luhacovice

For guests of the resort who wish to participate in the cultural and entertaining life of the resort, it is useful to know what events should be planned for your vacation in Luhacovice:

  • On the second Sunday of May, the grand opening of the resort and springs takes place in Luhacovice. As part of this event, a real costume festival begins with processions, concerts and a ceremony for the healing springs consecration.
  • In the end of March, the “East Fair” is held, where you can taste traditional cuisine, purchase souvenirs and craftsmanship, as well as listen to bands performing folk music.
  • In mid-May, the resort hosts a large-scale fashion show as part of charity events. Well-known Czech cultural figures take part in the show, and the proceeds go to charity funds.
  • Every year in the Luhacovice resort during the summer months the festival "International Summer of Culture" takes place. The program includes entertainment programs and concerts held near the colonnade of mineral springs.
  • In early June, Luhacovice hosts the “Meeting of the Masters”, at which woodworkers present their works. Everyone can buy gifts, as well as attend workshops. The event is accompanied by performances of musical ensembles and lasts several days.
  • In the end of June, a festival lasting several days starts, “Lugovan Vincent” festival. The event invites guests and residents of the resort to musical evenings, performances by theater and dance groups, as well as to watch films under the open sky and literary readings.
  • In mid-July, the "Janacek festival" takes place, dedicated to the popularization of classical music. Within its framework you can listen to the symphony orchestra and concerts of famous classical and opera performers.
  • In late August, the resort hosts a week of chamber theater performances. Spectators can watch the most interesting and popular productions of the Czech theater.
  • The "Days of Slovak Culture" festival takes place in Luhacovice in the first week of September. For several days, guests of the resort can attend photo exhibitions, gastronomic tastings, musical and theatrical performances, as well as watch films about Slovak culture.
  • In the end of September, a traditional farmers fair comes to Luhacovice. This is one of the favorite events of residents and guests of the resort, because within its framework you can enjoy traditional dishes, buy souvenirs and products brought by farmers, for example, homemade jams and preserves, as well as have fun at a folk festival with dancing and music.
  • In early December, the resort starts the “Christmas Market” with a traditional New Year's market, a bright holiday tree and Christmas amusements.
  • In the period from April to August, the festival "Household Wooden Music" arrives at the resort. During the event, you can listen to traditional Moravian music, dance and have fun at the festivities.
  • From May to September, musical concerts are regularly held at the Luhacovice resort, in which bands, groups and musicians participate, playing in a wide variety of genres. Guests of the resort can listen a classical music near the springs colonnade or enjoy spiritual, pop and folk music.