How to choose best hotel in Podebrady, Czech Republic

How to choose a spa hotel in Podebrady experts have repeatedly visited Podebrady resort in the Czech Republic and all its spa hotels presented on our website in order to objectively evaluate their location, food quality, living conditions and medical facilities. We hope that the information provided in the video and article will help you make the right choice!

The resort of Podebrady is located in the central part of the Czech Republic, 50 km from its capital, Prague. Podebrady is located at an altitude of 185 meters above sea level. The climate here is temperate continental, winters are relatively mild, with little snow. The population of the city is just over 14,000 people. In this article we will talk about how to decide on the right choice of a spa hotel in the Podebrady resort.

On our website for this resort there are 4 spa hotels: «Felicitas», «Libensky », «Bellevue-Tlapak» and «Zamecek». We will compare them according to the following criteria: location, comfort, food quality, and most importantly - the quality of the treatment base.

Location of spa hotels

This factor in Podebrady is not entirely relevant, despite the fact that there is a colonnade with a drinking spring of Podebradka mineral water, which is also summed up in the drinking pump rooms of each of the spa hotels. Drinking treatment at this resort has no special traditions and is not the reason why people come here. The main specialization of the Podebrady resort is the treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases.

Three spa hotels, «Felicitas», «Libensky» and «Bellevue-Tlapak», are located in the central part of the resort, opposite the park where the colonnade and the city fountain are located. Spa hotel «Zamecek» is located away from the spa center, in a quiet location, on the banks of the largest Czech river - the Elbe (aka Labe, if in the Czech manner). If you prefer peace and quiet, we recommend that you consider the spa hotel «Zamecek»for your stay. Now let's talk about comfort.

Comfort of spa hotels

The most comfortable rooms in spa hotels «Felicitas», «Zamecek» and «Bellevue-Tlapak».All of them are equipped with high quality, everywhere in the bathrooms there are shower cabins, which we consider a positive point, especially for the elderly. There are bathtubs in some rooms in «Zamecek». Spa hotel «Libensky» offers accommodation in standardly equipped rooms. None of the spa hotels have a climate control system in the rooms and it can be hot on the upper floors in the warmer months. Each spa hotel has an elevator for the convenience of guests.

Pools are available in only two spa hotels: «Felicitas» and «Libensky». In the pools, mainly physical rehabilitation is carried out, and free access is allowed only at certain times and days. In each of the spa hotels you can rent bicycles: Podebrady - a gentle resort and cycling, for example, along the Elbe it will not be difficult. There is an opportunity to visit the sauna in each of the spa hotels, in «Felicitas» guests can even enjoy several views. Several times a week, entertaining evenings with live music are held in the lobby bar of the spa hotel «Libensky». We turn to the issue of nutrition in spa hotels.

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Nutrition in a spa hotel

Each spa hotel has its own restaurant. The tastiest, in our opinion, is prepared in the spa hotels «Felicitas», «Bellevue-Tlapak» and «Zamecek», «Libensky» has slightly weaker nutrition. Everywhere it is possible to cook some types of diets. Patients primarily with cardiovascular diseases come to Podebrady for treatment, and diet in this case plays an important role. Nutritionist consultation is available in the spa hotels «Libensky» and «Bellevue-Tlapak». I note that in the last one for guests lunch and dinner free drinks are provided: tea, coffee, juices and water. Of all four spa hotels, only in «Felicitas» breakfast, lunch and dinner are served as a buffet. And finally, we turn to the most important thing - treatment.

Treatment department of spa hotels

As we have repeatedly mentioned before, the main specialization of the resort is the treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases. This is due to the fact that mineral water comes to the surface from the bowels of the earth, which contains a large amount of carbon dioxide (2000 mg/L), which very effectively stabilizes pressure, dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Water is used to carry out the main water treatment in the resort - carbon dioxide bath. In three spa houses, «Felicitas», «Libensky» and «Zamecek», there are own medical and health departments where mineral water is supplied, on the basis of which the main procedure is carried out.

The spa hotel «Bellevue-Tlapak» doesn’t have its own hospital, its guests go to the doctor’s clinic and all the procedures to the clinic of the neighboring spa hotel «Libensky», which is only 20 meters away, and the road to it runs on flat ground. But in the cold season, these transitions can bring some discomfort. We also want to note that in the spa hotel «Zamecek» there is no doctor’s office, for inspection, guests also need to go to the hospital of the spa hotel «Libensky», where, by the way, a nurse is on duty 24 hours a day. The most varieties of procedures, more than 30, are offered by the spa hotel «Felicitas», and least of all - the spa hotel «Zamecek».

Details of treatment at the Podebrady resort can be found in an interview with our doctor, Elena Khorosheva, with one of the most experienced cardiologists in the resort, Tstibor Dub, who has been practicing at the resort for over 50 years.

Summing up, we can say the following: when choosing a spa house in Podebrady, pay attention to comfort and food. The quality of treatment for cardiovascular diseases, no matter which spa hotel you choose, will be the same everywhere. Dear friends, on our website for each of the spa hotels of Podebrad there are autor videos that will also help to make the right decision. If you still have questions, please contact us by toll-free numbers, write on social networks, instant messengers, on Skype or by e-mail. We will be happy to answer any question you may have!

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