How to choose best hotel in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia

How to choose a spa hotel in Rogaska Slatina

Dear friends! We examined the spa houses of Rogaska Slatina resort in Slovenia and in this article we want to tell you about the aspects of the properly choice of a spa hotel in a resort. We will compare all the spa houses presented on our website according to several criteria: 1) location relative to the drinking pump-room of "Donat Mg" mineral water and the medical center; 2) comfort level; 3) food quality; 4) treatment features. Just want to draw your attention to the fact that the spa hotels "Sava" and "Grand Hotel Rogaska" have their own treatment departments, and guests of other spa houses undergo treatment in the medical center "Rogaska". Let us dwell in more detail at each of the hotels.

Spa hotels location

Grand Hotel Sava & Zagreb

Spa hotel «Grand Hotel Sava» and adjoining depandance «Zagreb» are located just 50 meters from the "Donat Mg" healing mineral water drinking pump room. As for comfort, it is high in both houses - in the "Grand Hotel Sava" there are several categories of rooms and even the cheapest are equipped with a climate control system, which is very handy in the hot season. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary, the bathrooms mainly have shower cabins, but the small area of the bathrooms is a minus. In “Zagreb”, on the contrary, all the bathrooms are very spacious, but not as well equipped as in “Grand Hotel Sava”. For the convenience of guests there is a large private parking.

As for nutrition, here it is at a very good level. It is worth warning that Rogaska Slatina - is still a resort for treating the gastrointestinal tract, and the diet in "Sava" is very rich, everything is very tasty prepared, and the temptation to break the regime is great. There are also dietary dishes on the menu, so be careful when you go to choose your own meals - stick to proper nutrition.

The "Grand Hotel Sava" has its own treatment unit, which is also available to guests of the "Zagreb' depandance. The treatment base is very modern, a professional balneologist works there. The doctor conducts an initial examination of patients, prescribes procedures, and most importantly - the drinking treatment course of "Donat Mg" mineral water. Hotel Sava has its own pool, partially filled with thermal water and equipped with hydromassage jets, there are 2 jacuzzis and a children's pool. Wellness center “ROI” has several types of saunas, an outdoor pool, summer terraces and relaxation areas.

Grand Hotel Rogaska

Spa hotel «Grand Hotel Rogaska» – the largest resort in the resort, located 100 meters from the drinking pump-room. You can reach the pavilion not only along the street, but also through a warm covered passage.

Guests of the spa hotel are offered rooms of various categories, including very comfortable apartments and "Premium" rooms. It offers beautiful views of the forest or the park; some rooms have balconies. Everywhere there are high ceilings, the bathrooms have double bathtubs, single rooms have showers. There is a climate control system in all rooms, several elevators, private parking.

The food at the "Grand Hotel Rogaska" is set to a very good standard. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the form of a buffet: a wide selection of hot snacks, main dishes, side dishes, fruits, desserts. The restaurant has a summer terrace, which is very nice to eat in the warm season. An integral part of the hotel is the lobby bar, where you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee.

Recently, all procedures are carried out in our own medical and health department. In the spa hotel «Grand Hotel Rogaska» perform all the classical procedures of the Rogaska Slatina: swimming in thermal water, mud applications, various types of massage, physiotherapy, electrotherapy. "Grand Hotel Rogaska" has its own wellness area with a swimming pool, hydromassage jets, two jacuzzis, a fitness room and several saunas. It should be noted a unique feature of the hotel: 600 meters from it there is a complex of swimming pools "Rogaska Riviera" with indoor, outdoor pools, including those filled with thermal water. Guests of the "Grand Hotel Rogaska" have free access to the pool complex at certain times of the year. For details, see the hotel description on our website.

Spa hotel Slovenija

Spa hotel «Slovenija» is located 350 meters from the drinking pump room and the "Rogaska" medical center. The road to the medical center runs on flat area, there are no height differences, which is important for guests with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

As for the comfort of the spa hotel. The rooms are cozy, in the rooms of the highest category there are air conditioners, in the rooms in the categories of lower categories - only fans. Many rooms have a balcony. Spa Hotel "Slovenija" has few rooms to create a homely atmosphere. Amenities of the hotel are added by the availability of an elevator and private parking.

During our repeated stay at the spa hotel "Slovenija", food was kept at a very good level. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in buffet form. Many dishes are steamed, almost always the buffet table has sea fish, there is a wide choice of desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads.

The hotel has a wellness center with a swimming pool, equipped with jets, fitness room, several types of saunas, jacuzzi. All of the services mentioned above are absolutely free of charge for the guests of "Slovenija" hotel. The hotel does not have its own medical department, the examination of the doctor and treatment procedures are carried out in the medical center "Rogaska".

Spa hotel Slatina

Spa hotel «Slatina» is located 500 meters from the medical center and the drinking pump room of "Donat Mg" mineral water.

The "Slatina" hotel has very comfortable rooms, despite the affordable cost of living. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary, spacious bathrooms, parquet floors, design in bright currents. Among the shortcomings are the lack of balconies. For the convenience of moving around the hotel there is an elevator, there is a private parking.

The food in the restaurant is of a good standard. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style. We want to note the friendly, pleasant restaurant staff. Guests select and add their own breakfast dishes for themselves, and during lunch and dinner, the chef serves the buffet. Pleases a wide selection of meat and fish dishes, in the assortment of steamed dishes. The restaurant has a summer terrace, you can eat outdoors in the warm season.

Spa hotel "Slatina" has its own wellness center: a freshwater pool, saunas, a small fitness area. There is no own medical department, all procedures are carried out in a medical center, to which 500 meters on flat ground. "Slatina" is the most remote hotel from the pump room and the medical center, but the closest to the "Rogaska Riviera" pool complex, which guests can visit only for a fee.

Grand Hotel Donat

Spa hotel «Grand Hotel Donat» – is one of the most comfortable in the resort, it is located closest to the medical center and drinking well-room - just 20 meters away. You can get to the medical center not only along the street, but also through a warm covered passage.

The hotel has several categories of rooms, all rooms are very comfortable and cozy, and the main difference is the view from the window: some of the rooms overlook the forest, the rest - to the park area with a drinking pump room and a medical center. Each room has a climate control system, wood trim, light-colored design, comfortable soft chairs, a balcony. The advantage is the spacious bathrooms with shower cabin, toilet and bidet. The hotel has its own secure parking.

Breakfasts are served in the form of a buffet, lunch and dinner - optional from the menu + rich buffet with fruits, vegetables, oils, bakery and confectionery. As such, there is no dietary food at the "Grand Hotel Donat", but by agreement with the chef you will individually prepare dietary meals.

The hotel has a large wellness center with two pools (outdoor and indoor, with jets, both with a jacuzzi), saunas, an excellent relaxation area with tea, a fitness room with exercise machines. There are also many relaxation treatments. There is no own health department, however, a 20-meter corridor separates from the "Rogaska" medical center.

Boutique hotel Atlantida

Boutique hotel «Atlantida» – is the only resort house of Rogaska Slatina at the 5* level among those presented on our website. It is located 150 meters from the medical center and drinking pump room. Hotel "Atlantida" is located on a hill, which can become a significant disadvantage for guests with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. However, the hotel provides a unique free transfer service to and from the medical center.

The status of a five-star hotel says a lot about comfort level, obliging to maintain all aspects of guest accommodation at the highest level. 90% of the rooms have balconies, often large terraces that offer chic views of the surrounding hills and forest. All rooms are decorated in a modern style, and the hotel opened only in 2017. There is a climate control system, very comfortable beds.

Food also corresponds to the level of 5*. Breakfast includes a large selection of hot and cold snacks, fresh fruits, many types of berries. Lunch and dinner from the menu + buffet with appetizers, desserts, pastries, juices. Dietary food available on request.

In the wellness zone there is a small pool with fresh water, many sunbeds on the street and inside, several types of tea and fresh fruit are provided free of charge. There are several types of saunas: 2 Finnish saunas (one of them has a panoramic window) and a steam sauna. Underground parking spaces at an additional cost. There is no own medical base, guests need to walk or ride a transfer to the "Rogaska" medical center. Boutique Hotel "Atlantida" is perfect for guests wishing to live in comfort and a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Summing up

So, dear friends, we have reviewed and rated each of spa houses of the Rogaska Slatina and came to the following opinion: the best of them by all criteria is «Grand Hotel Donat». It is followed by a boutique hotel «Atlantida», closes the top of three leaders the spa hotel «Sava» and its dependance «Zagreb». Then come «Grand Hotel Rogaska», spa hotel «Slovenija» and finally a spa hotel «Slatina».

Overall rating of spa hotels in Rogaska Slatina

Grand Hotel Donat

Grand Hotel Donat 4*

From 132 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Boutique Hotel Atlantida

Boutique Hotel Atlantida 5*

From 203 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Grand Hotel Sava

Grand Hotel Sava 4*

From 108 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Zagreb

Spa Hotel Zagreb 4*

From 95 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Grand-Hotel Rogaska

Grand-Hotel Rogaska 4*

From 84 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Slovenia

Spa Hotel Slovenia 4*

From 95 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Spa Hotel Slatina

Spa Hotel Slatina 4*

From 102 € per 1 day full board and treatment


But let's say this: when you come to the Rogaska Slatina resort and choose any of the listed spa houses, whichever you choose according to criteria important to you, you will not be mistaken! The resort has few resort houses, so it’s not so difficult to choose. People with the musculoskeletal system problems should pay attention to the location of the hotel relative to the medical center and drinking pump room, in other cases, rely on their own impressions and wishes. Use the most out of our website and the choice will be much easier! If you still have questions, then call and write to us, we will certainly help you choose the most suitable spa hotel in the Rogaska Slatina resort.

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