How to choose best hotel in Abano Terme, Italy

How to choose a spa hotel in Abano Terme

Dear friends! Our team once again visited Abano Terme in Italy and prepared a video with recommendations on choosing a spa hotel in this resort. In this article, we will duplicate the information from the video and hope that it will help to determine the proper choice of a spa hotel in Abano Terme. The spa houses of Abano Terme presented on our website will be compared according to the following criteria: location, comfort of living, quality of food and level of medical base.

Quality of treatment

A large number of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system and skin diseases visit the Abano Terme resort every year. For the treatment these patients in the medical departments of all spa houses apply the classic methods of spa treatment and thermal treatment, which is the use of mud, thermal water Abano Terme, as well as physiotherapeutic practices such as various types of massage (classical, therapeutic, partial, massages of various philosophies, etc.). Physiotherapists work with patients, sling therapy is carried out, there is the possibility of using special gymnastic exercises, which is very much emphasized in the treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Acupuncture and manual therapy are used, performed both by physiotherapists and doctors. Physical activity and gymnastics are important for a group of patients with diseases of the respiratory system. For the same patients, thermal water in the form of inhalations and a nasal shower is used in the treatment. Interestingly, in Abano Terme, electrotherapy is practically not used, doctors try to limit themselves to natural healing factors and those practices that we wrote about earlier. It’s rare that even a procedure such as lymphatic drainage is used in the department.

Abano Terme resort differs from other resorts in mud treatment. The hospitals begin their work from 4-5 in the morning, it is at this time that mud applications are prescribed. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach, after which the patient rests, thus passing through all the phases of this procedure. The fact is that such time and method of applying mud are more physiological and effective. Choosing a hotel, you do not need to focus only on the medical base, because in all spa hotels of Abano Terme they are similar in level, classic thermal treatment is used everywhere, each of the hotels has its own thermal pool, the temperature in which ranges from 35 °C to 38 °C, there are indoor and outdoor parts. There are rehabilitation pools where classes are held with a physiotherapist. Only one hotel in the Abano Terme resort has its own diagnostic clinic "AbanoMed" - a spa hotel «Panoramic Plaza». But guests of other hotels, if necessary, can be consulted by specialists for a fee: a cardiologist, phlebologist and surgeon work there.

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Location of spa hotels

Now let's talk about the location of the spa houses. This parameter in Abano Terme is not entirely relevant, there are no drinking springs where you need to regularly go, for example, as in Montecatini Terme. Viale delle Terme is considered the main street of the resort, there are several fountains, boutiques and grocery stores, cafes and restaurants. The hotels are located directly on this street: «Palace Meggiorato», «Terme Due Torri», «Terme Formentin», «Trieste & Victoria», «Terme Milano» and «Panoramic Plaza». All other spa hotels are located near the resort center. The city is located on a flat area, so walking is not difficult.

But there are still several hotels that are located in the neighboring city - Montegrotto Terme: «Terme Marconi» and «Esplanade Tergesteo». There is a road train from Abano Terme to Montegrotto Terme, and you can also use public transport or a taxi. In order to learn more about the location of each of the hotels, you can look on our website a map of the Abano Terme resort, where all the hotels are marked. In addition, in our author’s videos for most resorts, we show their location in the resort from a bird's eye view.

Comfort of spa hotels

In the criterion of comfort, we put the equipment of rooms, the presence of parking, swimming pools, entertainment areas and wellness services. The most comfortable rooms, as a rule, in five-star resorts. In four- and three-star hotels, the rooms, in principle, are also quite good, climate control systems are installed everywhere, there are TVs and safes, bathrooms are equipped with showers or bathtubs - you can choose what you like best. Most hotels have balconies in their rooms. There is a mandatory pool with thermal water, it is usually used as a procedure and stay in it is limited in time. These thermal pools are equipped with hydromassage facilities, and they also carry out physical exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Most hotels have swimming pools, open or closed, filled with plain water. Guests have access to saunas, fitness rooms, and indoor areas with outdoor seating areas. For those arriving by car, each hotel has its own parking. As a rule, this service is paid extra. Many resort hotels host dance nights with live music several times a week. You can find detailed information about hotels, their descriptions, photo and video reviews on our website, on the hotel page.

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Food in a spa hotel

All hotels have several restaurants. Breakfast is everywhere buffet style and usually in a separate restaurant. Lunches and dinners - optional from the menu, they are held in the main restaurants. Food quality, in principle, is good everywhere. Note that the higher the category of the hotel, the greater the choice of dishes you will be offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no dietary food as such - guests choose their own dishes from the offered ones. Nutritionists also do not work here, our team lived in most hotels in the Abano Terme resort and everywhere were satisfied with the quality of food. As our doctor said at the beginning, when choosing a hotel you do not need to focus on the quality of the treatment base, mainly you should pay attention to comfort and quality of food.

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