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How to choose a spa hotel in Druskininkai

Hello dear friends! We want to talk about how to choose a spa hotel in the Druskininkai resort in Lithuania. We will compare the spa houses of Druskininkai presented on our website according to several criteria: by location, comfort of living, food and medical base.

Location of the spa hotel

Let's start with the location of the spa house. For Druskininkai, it is not relevant, because each spa hotel on its territory has one or more mineral water springs and guests do not need to walk to drinking springs, for example, as in Karlovy Vary you often have to walk to the colonnades. Only the location relative to the center of the resort plays a role. The following spa hotels are located in the very center of Druskininkai: "Europa Royale" and the spa complex "Grand SPA Lietuva", consisting of the spa hotels "Lietuva", "Druskininkai" and "Dzukija". The following spa hotels are located next to the forest, a few minutes by car or bus from the center: "UPA" rehabilitation center, spa hotels of the "Egle" group, spa hotel "Spa Vilnius" and spa hotel "Belorus".

Comfort of accommodation

By the comfort of a spa hotel, we mean the convenience of rooms, the availability of our own medical base, the range of services provided by the spa hotel and the variety of leisure options.

The leading positions are occupied by several spa hotels, namely: spa hotel "Belorus", "Lietuva" and "Druskininkai" buildings of the "Grand Spa Lietuva" complex, "UPA" rehabilitation center and, of course, spa hotels "Egle" ("Egle Standard" and "Egle Comfort"). They are followed by "Spa Vilnius", "Europa Royale", "Egle Economy" and the "Dzukija" building. Now let’s dwell on each of them in more detail.

Spa hotel Belorus

In the spa hotel «Belorus» there are 2 residential buildings with several categories of rooms, there is plenty to choose from, all buildings are interconnected by a warm covered passage, which is convenient in the cold season. For the convenience of guests there are several elevators. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, all rooms have balconies, have their own secure car parking. The spa hotel "Belorus" has its own health-improving center, which has a wellness zone with many saunas, a fitness center and 2 swimming pools. In the treatment center, 2 springs of mineral water were bred: "Sveikata" and "Viltis". On the territory of the spa hotel there are tennis courts and children's playgrounds.

Spa-resort Grand SPA Lietuva

Let's start directly with the housing «Lietuva». The rooms are more comfortable than in the "Belorus", but there are no balconies. There are several elevators in the spa hotel. The biggest advantage of "Grand SPA Lietuva" in terms of comfort is the availability of its own water park. The spa hotel also has its own drinking pump room with mineral water and its own medical base. "Lietuva" has a fitness center, you can play squash and table tennis, there is its own guarded underground garage, where your car will be safe and sound.

Building «Druskininkai» surpasses "Lietuva" in comfort, but it has 4* status while "Lietuva" is a three-star hotel. Some rooms of the spa hotel Druskininkai have balconies, all rooms are equipped with a climate control system, which is not in "Lietuva". For the convenience of guests there are several elevators and parking. The buildings “Druskininkai” and “Lietuva” have a treatment base, water park and mineral water spring are general. The only difference is that guests of the spa hotel Druskininkai have the right to stay in the water park more time for free. Details can be found in the description of these spa hotel on our website.

Building of the spa hotel «Dzukija» has comfortable rooms of two categories: “Apartment” and “Apartment Lux”. They are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, all rooms have a large spacious warm terrace with sunbeds. Due to the small number of rooms, a calm and quiet atmosphere is created. Please note that in the building "Dzukija" guests only live and have breakfast. For lunch and dinner you have to walk across the street: either in the restaurant of the spa hotel "Lietuva" or in "Druskininkai", guests can choose for themselves. Also, in order to visit the treatment center or the water park, guests staying at "Dzukija" need to go through the street, which is not very comfortable in the cold season. Drinking pump room is located in the courtyard and in the building of the hospital. "Dzukija", like other buildings of the complex, has a secure parking.

Rehabilitation center UPA

The center was built recently, so the rooms are decorated in a modern style. The bathrooms have shower cabins, there are climate control systems, guests are provided with bathrobes and slippers in which they can go for procedures. As the rehabilitation center «UPA» specializes mainly in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, the mattresses in the rooms are special, orthopedic, very comfortable. “UPA” has a separate floor with several rooms specially equipped for people with disabilities. Everything is provided for in these rooms as much as possible: beds are equipped with electric lifts, shower cabins are also specially adapted, there are medical staff who monitor guests around the clock. We will include several elevators for the convenience of the spa hotel for the comfort of guests, there is parking for cars, a wellness zone with a pool and saunas. "UPA" has its own medical and health department, equipped with modern facilities.

Spa hotel of the Egle groop

Let's start with a four star «Egle Comfort». The rooms in it are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, each has a balcony. The building has several elevators for easy movement around the spa hotel. "Egle Comfort" has its own medical base, you can safely walk to the department at any time of the year in a bathrobe. Here, in the medical building "Egle Comfort", there is a large winter garden where exotic plants are represented. There you can spend leisure time, for example, play chess. There is also a wellness center, where there is a swimming pool, several pools for relaxation, as well as several types of saunas. If you come by car, then "Egle Comfort" has its own parking.

Spa hotels «Egle Economy» and «Egle Standard» have 3* unlike the 4-star "Egle Comfort", but their rooms underwent a comprehensive renovation several years ago and now they have become much more comfortable than before. On our website there are several categories of rooms for these spa hotels, so the choice is quite large. All of them are also equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: comfortable beds, balconies, in all rooms widescreen televisions with various programs, including Russian, which, in principle, is typical for all spa hotels of the resort. Each room has an electric kettle, which is very important for many guests. Several types of tea and coffee are also provided. All rooms have shower cabins, which plays an important role for people with musculoskeletal problems.

The spa hotel “Egle” has its own treatment base, but only from the building “Standard” (buildings A, B and C) a warm covered passage leads to the treatment base, from the building “Economy” (Zhilvinas and building No.2) in order to go to the treatment base, you have to walk along the street for about 200 meters, which can be unpleasant in the cold season. The spa hotels have parking. On the territory of the spa complex "Egle" there are 2 pump rooms with mineral water: one directly in the "Egle Comfort" building, the second - near the hospital. The spa hotels of the "Egle" group have one firm rule - you can’t smoke in them, even on the balcony, but they also met here - there are special smoking areas throughout the complex. Another thing to add about the comfort of the spa hotels "Egle" is that they have their own laundry, for an additional fee guests can use washing machines and special dryers. This is topical for people who come for a long time.

Spa hotel Spa Vilnius

Spa hotel «Spa Vilnius» has several categories of rooms, some of the rooms have balconies. The rooms have everything you need for a comfortable stay. "Spa Vilnius" directly in the spa hotel building has its own medical department and wellness center with a swimming pool and several types of saunas. On the territory of the treatment center of the spa hotel "Spa Vilnius" there is also a private pump room with mineral water. The resort has its own secure parking.

Spa hotel Europa Royale

Spa hotel «Europa Royal» has 2 buildings: old and new. There are also several categories of rooms, there is plenty to choose from. In the old building, only some superior rooms have balconies or terraces, in the new building each room has a balcony. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, but not all have showers - mostly baths. Superior rooms are equipped with climate control. Guests staying at "Europa Royal" undergo health-improving procedures in a city hospital, which can be reached via a warm covered passage. Here, in the hospital, is a mineral water spring. There is own guarded car parking.


Druskininkai resort has a quality and varied food. All spa hotels offer dietary food, but we would like to note "Belorus" and spa hotel of the group "Egle", where the diet food is served on separate tables.

Medical base

Choosing a spa hotel and evaluating it by the quality of the treatment base, we will adhere to several criteria: 1) equipment; 2) professionalism of employees; 3) the level of convenience of the treatment department and the spa hotel itself for patients who arrive in the early postoperative period and for patients who have difficulty with movement; 4) the possibility of vacation treatment procedures for children.

So, the leader of treatment, in our opinion, at the Druskininkai resort is the spa hotel “Belorus”. It accepts children from 4 years of age accompanied by parents for treatment, "Belorus" has its own children's medical department, and 7 pediatricians work in the spa hotel. During the procedures and kinesiotherapy, certified specialists work with the children, who have the right to carry out the procedures specifically for children. Spa hotel "Belorus" was one of the first to use sapropel mud in combination with peat mud. Sapropelic mud was brought from Belarus, and this is happening now, which is why the name of the spa hotel arose. In the spa hotel "Belorus", not only children can be treated, but also patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, with neurological diseases, with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Let's talk about the rehabilitation center "UPA". In 2015, the center was opened in order to receive patients immediately after surgical treatment with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. “UPA” on the ground floor has several rooms where round-the-clock monitoring is carried out, they are equipped with functional beds: a nurse is on duty in the department, each patient has a special button that, if needs help from nurse, patient can call her. "UPA" attaches great importance to staff education. Thus, the head physician of the rehabilitation center told about how a group of kinesiotherapists is trained every 3 months with a specialist who comes from Germany. In the course of this training they acquire new skills and you are really in the hands of specialists who keep up with the times.

Powerful spa complex "Egle" has been working for many years in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and nervous systems, has a quality medical base and staff headed by such a good chief physician as Arvydas Balchius. By choosing one of the spa hotels of the complex, you will receive competent and quality treatment.

Choosing the spa hotels in Druskininkai resort and evaluating them according to the criteria we have proposed, choosing any of them, you will not be mistaken, because they all provide treatment according to the profiles that we listed: treatment of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, neurological, respiratory system diseases. Only some of them have some special programs, for example, the "Grand SPA Lietuva" complex, which also treats patients with urological diseases. In the same spa hotel there is a pressure chamber. Spa hotel "Belorus" is focused on both the treatment of children and adults. Rehabilitation center “UPA” is a spa hotel where you can come immediately after surgical treatment. There are powerful techniques that will quickly restore functionality after surgery.

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