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Spa Hotel Belorusija

Bulduru prospekts 4/8, Jūrmala, LV-2010, Latvija Jurmala
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Spa Hotel " Belorusija " is located in the center of Jurmala resort, 250 meters from the coast of the Riga bay.

"Belorusija" is one of the leaders in the quality of spa treatment in Jurmala. "Belorusija" offers a wide range of possibilities for diagnosing the body condition. In addition to the clinical and biochemical laboratory, the spa hotel can provide diagnostics of the heart, respiratory organs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, thyroid, kidneys and urinary tract, prostate, neoplasms.

Please note that gas injections are not included in the treatment package, but are available at an additional cost.

Spa hotel "Belorusija" accepts for treatment children with chronic diseases of respiratory organs, asthma, degenerative diseases of spine, deformation of limbs, chronic diseases of joints.

Spa hotel "Belorusija" I recommend to people who first of all need to undergo quality spa treatment with the use of local natural factors. At the spa hotel guests are also provided with comfortable accommodation surrounded by nature and all this at a minimum price. After studying all spa hotels in Jurmala, I and our doctor Elena Khorosheva came to the conclusion that "Belorusija" is one of the best in the quality of treatment of spa hotels in the resort. There is a dentistry, an ENT office, an entire body ultrasound machine, and several doctors of different specializations. The therapeutic department is supplied with mineral water from its own spring, which is used in water procedures, for drinking therapeutic course, the swimming pool is also filled with it. Guests are offered a wide range of treatments, most of which are performed with modern medical equipment. It should be noted that gas injections, which are popular in Czech resorts, are also performed here, as this procedure is effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases. Everything indicates that the spa hotel "Belorusija" is the leader of spa treatment in Jurmala. Based on the multidisciplinary nature of the resort, it is possible to undergo treatment and prevention of several groups of diseases at once.

The rooms of the spa hotel are well equipped, each with a balcony. The restaurant is prepared deliciously, special attention is paid to diet food, the spa hotel has a full-time nutritionist. Of the disadvantages, I note that there are not very high-speed elevators in the building of the spa hotel.

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Attention! The hotel is temporarily closed.

Offered categories of rooms

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Services in Spa Hotel Belorusija

    • Free-time & Sport
    • Fitness (Pilates, yoga)
    • Table tennis
    • Billiard (for an additional payment)
    • Sanatorium's facilities
    • Parking (on closed area, 5 EUR/day)
    • Library
    • Restaurant (à la carte ordering)
    • Cafe
    • Non-smoking sanatorium
    • Non-smoking rooms
    • Hotel safe
    • Summer terrace
    • Elevator
    • Facilities for disabled
    • Food & Drink
    • Diet meal (on request)
    • Bufet breakfast (08:30-10:00)
    • Lunch a la carte (14:00-15:00)
    • Supper a la carte (19:00-20:00)
    • Check-in/out
    • Check-in (14:00)
    • Check-out (12:00)
    • Internet
    • Wi-Fi (FREE, but there is no internet in the rooms of the economy category)
    • The staff speaks
    • Russian
    • English
    • Medical department
    • Working (daily until 15:00)
    • Doctor hours
    • Working (daily)
    • Services
    • Hotel service
    • Bicycle rental (for an additional payment)
    • Ski rental
    • Dental Surgery
    • Clothes cleaning service
    • Ironing service
    • Spa & Wellness
    • Swimming pool (25x8 m, with mineral water, 8:00-22:00, on Sunday until 20:00, break 14:00-15:00, FREE)
    • Sauna (sauna (08:00-22:00, Turkish bath (08:00-22:00), infrared bath 08:00-22:00)
    • Salt cave
    • Spa staff
    • Total (18 doctors: cardiologist, rehabilitologist, therapist, dentist, osteopath, osteoreflexologist, psychologist, otolaryngologist, physician of physical medicine)
    • Doctor
    • Pediatrician
    • Physiotherapist
    • Masseur
    • Dietitian
    • Children treatment
    • Treatment is allowed for children from 4 years

Medical base in Spa Hotel Belorusija

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