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Military Spa Hotel Judita

Svatopluka Čecha 2, 41501 Teplice
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The military spa hotel “Judita” is located in the center of the Teplice resort, near the picturesque park, which offers unhurried walks. The spa hotel has a very high-quality medical base, focused on the treatment of complex degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as on post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation of patients.

All medical and health-improving procedures are carried out in a medical center located directly in the building of the spa hotel "Judita". Thermal mineral water, which is used in the treatment, is supplied to the treatment center, and a rehabilitation pool is also filled with it.

Please note that payment at the bar is accepted only in Czech crowns, cards are also accepted.

Treatment at the spa hotel "Judita" is focused on patients with complex degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation. The medical department is well equipped, it is equipped with modern medical equipment - antigravity simulator, stabilometric platform, kinesiotherapy is carried out on the unique equipment "redcord". All water procedures are based on thermal water supplied to the spa hotel. "Judita is the only spa hotel in the resort that has a thermal rehabilitation pool in the rising bottom. It is designed to improve motor activity and is used to treat patients with cardiovascular diseases. The spa hotel employs several doctors on a permanent basis and a nurse is on duty 24 hours a day. The equipment of the rooms is not bad, all rooms on the upper floors have a climate control system.

Meals are fully compliant with category 3*, guests are provided with dietary food if necessary, and a dietician will help make a plan for the right meal. The disadvantage of the spa hotel is that there is no swimming pool, and the visit to the rehabilitation is prescribed as a procedure and patients do not have free access to it.

Special anouncement

Attention! This spa hotel is covered by the subsidy program of the Czech Republic, therefore citizens and permanent residents of EU/EEA receive a discount of 4000 CZK / 150 EUR per person in the booking. Please note that this discount is already included in the price of the booking. Number of discounted places in the spa hotel is limited. Also the offer is limited in time - the deadline to check out the spa hotel is 30.11.2021. Make sure that the spelling of your first and last name is correct - they must match the spelling in your passport. By booking a package with a voucher, you confirm that you are a permanent resident of EU/EEA and that your personal details are correct. ► When ordering two meals a day, guests receive breakfast and dinner!

Offered categories of rooms

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Services in Military Spa Hotel Judita

    • Sanatorium's facilities
    • parking (50 CZK / 2 Euro / night)
    • restaurant (when ordering two meals a day, guests receive breakfast and dinner)
    • cafe
    • non-smoking sanatorium
    • hotel safe
    • summer terrace
    • elevator
    • facilities for disabled
    • Food & Drink
    • diet meal
    • bufet breakfast (07:15-08:30)
    • lunch a la carte (11:00-13:00, a choice of three dishes)
    • supper a la carte (17:00-18:15, a choice of three dishes)
    • Check-in/out
    • check-in (12:00)
    • check-out (9:00)
    • Internet
    • wi-fi (FREE)
    • Medical department
    • working (Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 15:00, Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00)
    • Doctor hours
    • working (Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 15:00)
    • Spa & Wellness
    • thermal pool (as a procedure)
    • sauna (extra charge 130 CZK / 5 euros / 1,5 hours / 1 person)
    • solarium
    • Spa staff
    • total (25 people)
    • doctor (3 people)
    • head nurse (1 person)
    • medical nurse (12 people)
    • nurse - service (round the clock)
    • physiotherapist (5 people)
    • masseur (5 people)
    • dietitian (1 person)

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