Aero-therapy in Abano Terme - indications and contraindications

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Aero-therapy in Abano Terme

Aero-therapy - directed exposure to fresh air for the treatment and prevention of a number of diseases - is the basis of climatotherapy. Aero-therapy is applied in any climatic zones at any time of the year. Aerotherapy includes: sleeping on open porch, special pavilions, staying by the sea. Indications for the appointment of aerotherapy are dependent on the general state of the body, the nature of the disease, its form and phase, the patient's age, the functional state of the central nervous system. During aerotherapy, the function of external respiration changes, the ventilation of the lungs increases, the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases, cellular immunity rises. If aerotherapy is carried out in the conditions of the sea air, then the trace elements iodine contained in it have a positive effect on the metabolism and the hormonal system of the body. Aero-therapy is recommended for people with chronic lung diseases, asthmatics, as one of the most effective procedures.

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