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Spa Hotel Vltava-Berounka 4*

Spa Hotel Vltava-Berounka Free transfer to hotel
Fabulous Reviews: 1

treatment rating 8.4/10

overall rating 8.2/10

Spa Hotel "Vltava-Berounka" is located 750 meters from the colonnade with healing mineral springs.

Starting 66 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

The spa hotel “Vltava-Berounka” will be suitable for holiday-makers who need a quality spa treatment. The advantage is the presence of mineral water and natural carbon dioxide supplied to the building of the spa hotel for the procedures. All rooms of the spa hotel are normally equipped, there are rooms for people with disabilities. Meals in the spa hotel are at a good level, upon request, and after individual consultation with a nutritionist, special dietary meals are provided.

Spa hotel's reviews

8.0/10 Fabulous
Larisa Marsala 21.09.2019

Helps me a lot with my breathing problems, no more bronchiospasms

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Grand Hotel Pacifik 4*

Grand Hotel Pacifik Free transfer to hotel TOP best rated
Exceptional Reviews: 3

treatment rating 9.1/10

overall rating 9.3/10

Grand Hotel "Pacifik" is located in the center of the resort, just 200 meters from the colonnade with healing mineral springs.

Starting 59 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

In terms of the quality of the medical base, the spa hotel “Pacifik” is among the ten best spa facilities in the Marianske Lazne resort and offers its guests a treatment using natural factors - mineral water, therapeutic mud and natural carbon dioxide. The resort has very professional medical staff, who providing effective treatment. "Pacifik" has a convenient location in relation to the healing mineral springs - only 3 minutes of unhurried walking. At the same time, the spa hotel provides its guests with comfortable accommodation, quality food and excellent service.

Spa hotel's reviews

9.2/10 Exceptional
Ludmila Bessmert 14.09.2019

Food was good but it was put in large vats, often in the source (meet). It is much bettter to make a cut from a big piece of meat in front of the guests. I visited once the hotel Novi Lazni for dinner. The presentation was Fantastisk.

Transfer - hotel did not give recommendation to use group transfer. We checked it on the site but not everybody is booking through It should be advertised it’s the hotels. Difficult to find info about events or sightseeing. Still I would like to emphasis that Marianskuje Lazni is is an amazing place! For treatments.

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