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Grandhotel Ambassador 4*

Grandhotel Ambassador Free transfer to hotel TOP best selling
Exceptional Reviews: 2

treatment rating 8.8/10

overall rating 8.8/10

"Ambassador" – one of the newest spa hotel in the resort, opened in 2015, located 750 meters from the Park colonnade.

Starting 58 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

In 2015, a wide scale reconstruction was carried out at the hotel “Ambassador”, including a significant renovation of the treatment base, the installation of modern diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment. The spectrum of the proposed procedures allows to treat the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, cardiovascular system. According to the level of comfort, quality of food and service “Ambassador” is also among the leaders in Karlovy Vary. Literally from the first days of work, the spa hotel receives positive feedback from guests of the resort.

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Spa Hotel Kolonada 4*

Spa Hotel Kolonada Free transfer to hotel TOP recommend
Exceptional Reviews: 1

treatment rating 8.6/10

overall rating 8.8/10

Spa Hotel "Colonnade" is located opposite the Mill colonnade with mineral springs

Starting 76 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

The spa hotel “Kolonada” refers to a small number of health facilities of Karlovy Vary, which offer spa treatment using 100% natural, not diluted fresh, thermal water. Spa hotel primarily combines the convenience of location and quality of treatment. The spa hotel has a fairly balanced diet, which is a consequence of the increased attention of doctors to the quality of treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. The nutritionist works in the spa hotel. The building is fully equipped with barrier-free access. Spa hotel "Kolonada" does not have its own parking.

Spa hotel's reviews

9.8/10 Exceptional
Ioachim Drugus 13.09.2019

The staff is very caring and friendly

the WiFi router is too old and the connection is low quality

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Spa-Hotel Star 4*

Spa-Hotel Star
Exceptional Reviews: 1

treatment rating 8.6/10

overall rating 9.0/10

The hotel is located in the prestigious area of the resort, 200 meters from the thermal springs of the Park Colonnade.

Starting 50 € per 1 day full board and treatment

Detail of spa hotel
expert assessment

The location of the Spa Hotel “Star” is quite advantageous: 200 m to the Park colonnade, 300 m to the Mill and 700 m to the Hot on a completely flat road. There are only 18 rooms in the hotel “Star”, which guarantees a quiet peaceful stay and a personal approach to each guest. All rooms are in excellent condition, equipped with everything necessary, especially I want to note the presence of a climate control system in all rooms. Of the minuses - the lack of balconies in all rooms. Food is standard, a good choice, always in the range of fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, dairy products. If necessary, dietary meals are prepared for the guest. Spa hotel "Star" has its own small medical department, where there is no thermal water. The range of procedures is highly limited. If you come to Karlovy Vary mainly for the sake of therapeutic drinking springs, while you want novelty and comfort and you do not like the bustle of big hotels, then we advise you to consider the Star Spa Hotel.

Spa hotel's reviews

7.6/10 Very good
Olga Grivtsova 03.09.2019

Very clean, location close to everything.

Reception Lady named Bazhena is so loud and unprofessional, don't let you say anything start to scream right away. Food: same all every other day. Same bakery every single day, breakfast cheese and salami same every day. Michelle the cook and kitchen lady running around your table every 5 minutes to remove empty dishes and it is getting so annoying when there is only 5 tables. Plus she unplug all cookware right in front of your face when you are trying to grab some food.

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